Help! Bag removed from ebay!

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  1. I am trying to sell some of my authentic old purses that i don't use anymore. I listed one of my Gucci bags on ebay and the day before the auction was supposed to end my listing got cancelled. This is what the email said...

    Trademark infringement is unlawful and violates eBay's policies. A trademark is a unique sign (such as a name, word, phrase, logo, or symbol) that a company uses to identify its products and/or services.

    Using another company's trademark in a way that may confuse buyers about the source of goods or services, or confuses buyers into believing that the seller is affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by the trademark owner is both illegal and against eBay's policies. Examples include counterfeits, unauthorized replica items and items that bear the brand or logo of a company without that company's permission.

    Guideline: If the product you are listing bears the brand or logo of a company, but it wasn't made or authorized by that company, don't sell it on eBay.

    It's against the law to sell unauthorized replicas of brand name products. Accordingly, listings for unauthorized replicas are not permitted on eBay.

    Does this mean that ebay think my item is fake or am i not allowed to use the word " Gucci" when describing the bag? HELP!!!
  2. Someone must have reported it as a fake bag. You are allowed to use the name Gucci to describe an item. If not reported then perhaps your listings were flagged due to trying to sell too many bags and they thought you might be trying to sell a bunch of fakes. You can try again or if there is uncertainty have the bag authenticated first.
  3. hi

    i had similar situation w/ you, maybe you can add disclaimer notice...such as

    i'm not affiliated w/ gucci etc...
  4. thanks..i will try that!
  5. I go the same e-mail after they closed down an auction for an authentic Chanel bag. No rhyme or reason. It was the only item I had listed. Photos showed authenticity cards. eBay is closing down auction daily for no apparent reason. I wouldn't try relisting the item if I were you since the bottom of the e-mail says that if you try to relist your account may be suspended.