Help!!! Bag price??

  1. does anybody know what is the price on this bag???thankssss
    1208303159_e6070ac56d.jpg untitled.JPG
  2. if it's real, it's around $2k now.
    Both those colors are no longer sold though, they sold on clearance much less than that, closer to half that price as they were before a couple of price increases.
  3. do you know the name of it??thanks
  4. It's a Cambon Tote - check our Reference Library.
  5. thanks:tup:
  6. wow, its still available? lol
  7. :nogood:
    Shouldn't be, only in black/black and beige/beige.
  8. I want a black one. They are so darn cute!!
  9. Does anyone know where I can get my arm on this bag?
  10. Black on Black is still available at Neiman Marcus in Virginia. ($1995) Goodluck!
  11. Thank you!
  12. my NM has them everytime I go as well:yes:
  13. If you purchase this online somewhere like eBay be soooo careful this is one of the most faked chanel bags at the moment. Always get it authenticated here first on the authenticate this thread.