HELP!! Bag on hold for 15 Minutes!!

  1. Could someone PLEASE help me decipher this tag number? They're holding the bag for 15 minutes only (London sale) and I've been through the tag reference section and can't make a match! ANY help at all will be most appreciated. I think it MIGHT be a sandstone purse...and they're not sure of style at store. GAH!


    Many thanks for ANY info!!:heart:;)
  2. There's no such thing as a sandstone purse, fyi. The Purse style was discontinued before Sandstone was released.
  3. Well, that's pretty much a wrap, isn't it?? LOL!! So, that begs the question...what is this mystery bag??? (Many thanks FlatFlux!!!)
  4. Did they describe it to you at all? I just did a search for 173080 and came up with a Work - could that be it?
  5. 1669 is a shoulder bag or work.
  6. I was in selfridges this morning and the only sandstone that I saw was a bowling bag.
  7. Is this bag from Selfridges? I went there at lunch and they had some brown bags that were similar in size to the work but weren't. I was a bit confused by them too, but didn't really check. It was like a cross between the work and the purse as it had rounded corners instead of square.

    Sorry can't be much more help.
  8. Elise, thats the bowling bag, they had them in white, marine and brown also. Didn't it really bum you out on how small the bal display tables were?? When MJ had 3 big tables at the front and not half as many people grabbing the stuff.
  9. Hmmm...well the Bowling style would make more sense if their description sounded like the Purse style. But the tag numbers are totally wrong for bowling or mini-bowling!!
  10. Did you get the bag??? Selfridges has a 28 day return policy on sale items too, which is better than harvey nics who only offer 7 days. I'd get it if I were you and see if you love it.
  11. Thank you all very, very much! It turned out (thanks to Flatflux's rapier-like research skills!) that it was a Work. Tempting, but I need shoulder-friendly and borderline bingo-arms are not necessarily compatible. So, three calls to London and half-an-hour of heart palpitations later, I passed. Other than that, I'm perfectly :shame:healthy !

    Many thanks again. Bbags aren't guys are...really! (Okay, maybe a BIT of it is the bags!)

    Happy Fourth (weekend) to all you Yanks out there in Cyber-Land!!! :party: