Help! Bag name and where can I find one??

  1. I assume this bag is a Bulga, based on the ad copy (this is from Bluefly). But I can't find the bag on Bluefly and don't know its name, etc.

    Anyone know the name of the bag and where it can be found? I think it's gorgous.

  2. I don't know. Think it's the same bag? I must have the purple!
  3. I think it's the same ! Revolve has it too---but not purple! that purple is TDF.
  4. I called Bluefly and they don't have it. And I am so crazy about it. Wouldn't you know it?
  5. I don't think that's the same bag.
  6. ^^ I'm not sure now either...but I HATE when they do that to us---it's now become this ever elusive bag..sigh..sorry, rondafaye!
  7. :nuts:
    That's so funny, Rhonda!
    I saw that same bag on the BF homepage and I said "Oh! I have got to have that bag!!!". Yet, it is nowhere to be found on BF! HUH!???
    Why have it on that front page??? It's killing me!
    I gotta have it, too!
    PM me if you find it anywhere! I'll look, too.
  8. hm.. I thought it might be the one bag posted... just that BF photographed it backwards.. but i'm comparing and the one linked to revolve and is not the same.... no studs on the handle tabs.. hm.. very interesting
  9. I called Bluefly and asked about the bag, and they def don't have it. So I asked for the name of the bag. The CS rep said they'd email. Did they send the name? NO!!!

    Here's the email:

    Thanks for your call earlier about our bag featured on the Handbags home page. We do not currently have this Bulga bag in stock, however, we do have a lot of other great Bulga bags . . .

  10. I wish I knew! They had a light pink version of this same bag(or the style was close) but it sold out quickly. I want that pink bag! :crybaby:
  11. Someone will know . . . won't they? I hope so, because this bag (in purple) is calling my name.
  12. That eBay bag isn't the same style. The one on Bluefly is more refined, I think.