Help. Bad day! (Job issue)

  1. Hi all
    Happy New Year to all. May it be truly and happy and healthy. Mine has not started out so well. I had my performance review at work and would love to slap someone, scream, etc. I have been in my job for a very time. Have done it well enough to be promoted and have performed consistently over the the entire time of my employment. Not one disciplinary action, or bad review among the entire lot--until today, that is. In fact, I manage the department during my editor's absence. Well, apparently, they don't believe that I do enough! They have become very quota conscious; quality has been tossed out the window. They have seen fit not to give me a raise. Meanwhile, there are certain other individuals spending at least two and a half hours each day viewing fan sites of Harry Potter. (I only know because they are dead set right in my line of vision. Don't go looking for this. Am too busy, but you would have to blind or dead not to notice.) Can be interrupted countless times each day,et. Anyway, did not sign anything. I know we live in the age of employment at will. Can't I at least say something? (Yes, I know life isn't fair. What would you do? Thanks:sad: :crybaby: :hysteric:
  2. im so sorry! i definently know what its like to work your a$% off and not get recognized for it. Companies can be lame and come up with the lames excuse just not to give a raise. (or to keep money for themselves but that's a whole other freakin issue..)anyways, just keep your chin up and i'm sure you will be ok! as far as saying something, i dont think ratting others out woudl be good because you might seem immature, maybe you could just bring it up with the person up you and they can talk to the head people? :smile:
  3. Yeah, well. Supposedly, that's the editor, but apparently, the company man thing didn't work for him, either. My bf told me not to say anything. I can't be meek about this...but I at least have to say something on my behalf and not point fingers. I am so upset, because I know I work very hard. The boss even agreed. Go, figure.​
  4. Hi,
    Hugs to you. It is amazing how standards have changed for companies these days. I have a coworker who cruises in at 9-9:30, surfs the net for two hours, takes 1-1/2 hr lunch, surf the net again for another hour, and finally work around 2-3 pm. Meanwhile, I've already put in 10 hours! But nobody blinks an eye and says anything to her.

    But this is about you and that's what you need to focus on. If you do talk to them, don't say anything about your coworkers. Instead, talk about your accomplishments and contributions to the company. Give them specific examples of what you've done. Let them know that you've been a team player and taken on more work than others. I think companies will try to get out of giving raises these days. It's all about saving them $$ while you slave away.

    Hopefully your boss will see all of that and reconsider. Good luck!
  5. Thanks.
  6. I wish I had some good suggestions for you--I just have support. It's awful when you're working hard and get shot down, while others get away with crap. My son has the same situation where he works.

    I'm crossing my fingers for you that mgmt. wakes up. It makes no sense, does it?:confused1:
  7. wow, this is slow tonight. No, it makes no sense at all. Might feel better if my boss actually had a spine and would speak up for his staff. Had spoken w another colleague who was outraged when I told him.

    BTW, do you have boxer dogs, or children who box?
  8. After many years in a corporate setting as the in-house psychologist, I had many employees come to me and tell me a story similar to yours. Here is the real deal: there are always going to be other employees who do not work as hard as you do, who get away with stuff you can't get away with, and who get raises or get promoted when they may not deserve it. All companies, from Fortune 500 companies to family owned businesses have this problem. You however, get to choose how you will respond to this issue. One choice is to be angry and feel mistreated, which will lead you to misery. The other way is to realize that this happens, and go on. That said, don't fret too much, cause your time will come eventually. Just keep your nose to the grind. Good luck!
  9. starbucksqueen, I grew up with boxer dogs and my husband has acquired a love for the breed, too. Now instead of puppies, we adopt senior rescue boxers.

    Either this website or my computer is slow tonight--couldn't even access the site for awhile.

    I hate it when the boss allows some to abuse the workplace, but seems to save criticism for those who are actually working. I've seen it more than once. Is the office climate such that you can discuss the review with someone? Did your boss do the review, or did someone else do it? I hope the boss, who realizes you do work hard, will be willing to back you up.

    Good luck.
  10. OMG that is so messed up. Perhaps those negative comments should be reflected the next time your in charge. Ie mention how you've noticed others productivity and commitment isn't what it should be.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. I love boxers and have always dreamed of the day when I can get my own. If the office gives me the boot, that day may come a lot sooner!
  14. I would probably not say anything at all, but rather begin looking for a new job with some new opportunities and get out from under people that don't fully appreciate me.
  15. I think so too. Your best bet is to put yourself in a more positive environment.