HELP~~B black City or Givenchy Nightingale in black??can't decide

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  1. hi ladies,
    Don't know if it's an appropriate place to post it but I'm considering to get a black leather bag and have been torn between Balenciaga city regular hardware and a Givenchy Nightingale in black. I'm hoping it to be versatile and can be used in casual go out and work. Currently I have none of them, my collection includes few LVs, a prada and a Chanel.

    Any advice please?? Any particular reason I should go for one over the other?i like them both haha... TIA!:smile:

    **black Nightingale pix borrowed from TPF Givenchy

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  2. I vote for bal city, it's such a versatile bag.

    I like the givenchy too but I found it really bulky. my friend have the nightingale and she looks better with it than the bal city, but city looks better on me than the nightingale so I guess it all comes back to the individual
  3. thanks for your input!tough choice for me lol...
  4. I adore my city (not black) but I do think it's a casual bag. Gorgeous and lovely but not something I would wear with a dressier outfit. I think if you're going for versatility, the Versace would probably be the better choice.
  5. I haven't had a Nightingale so I can't compare. I think riry has so I'll get her to post...if she's around.
  6. thanks for your input everyone... keep it coming :smile: :smile:
  7. I think that both are not ideal office bags, but the Nightingale is definitely less casual than the City. It depends on the type of work you do; if it's a very conservative office job, I would rather go with Givenchy.
    However, if we're just talking about the style and not about the versatility of the bag: CITY ALL THE WAY!!!

  8. haha thanks! I'm not working in a strict office environment, i think I can carry both. I love the style of B bag too hahaha, such a tough decision!Is the giant hardware city will be more formal and dressier than the regular hardware??:smile:
  9. I would just get the hardware you like best. The giant silver gives it a newer look, but I wouldn't say it makes the bag less casual. The current rose gold is maybe a little bit less casual, but the difference in that aspect is really not that big. If you're not working in a big law/consulting/accounting firm then you should be fine as long as you wear it without the strap.
    And trust me...if you don't get exacty the style you want, you're gonna regret it forever! ;)
  10. I have a black nightingale and an anthracite giant city... to be honest, I like the nightingale more and carry it more often. Maybe because it can be dressed up and down. I also really like the "dome shape" it has when hand-held. But the nightingale does not look that great carried with the shoulder strap, in my opinion, so it lacks the convenience factor of the city in that aspect. Both bags are classics so if you can, get both eventually! Good luck with your decision!
  11. I would think the Bal would be lighter when empty if weight is an issue for you. I also know the Bal would have an exterior pocket but I don't believe the Nightingale does. That's a must-have for me... keys and lip balm!
  12. thanks so much everyone !!
  13. you are right ! since it's my first Balenciaga I think I'll go with the regular hardware first , thank u~~
  14. different style. It's depend on your wardrobe.