Help! Azur in Speedy or Saleya?

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  1. My husband got me the Azur pochette for Christmas but want something larger... Speedy or Saleya? Pros and Cons???

    :yahoo:Happy New Year! ~LIN
  2. I'd go for the Saleya as it's a bit bigger and something you don't see everywhere.
  3. I am asking myself the same question at this moment, so I'm interested to see responses, but I think I'm leaning towards the speedy because it's cheaper:smile:
  4. speedy is only handheld so depends on your preference.

    if you do not have a speedy i will choose speedy cos i just love it. I have the 30 and it holds my daily needs. sometimes i use it as a travelling bag when i have business trips.

    dont really have any bad thing to say about the speedy but i'm bias cos i love speedy.

    the saleya, i'm thinking of getting this bag, my cousin has it in MM and it is a shoulder bag. holds slightly more than the speedy 30.

    bad point is that she said when she stuffed the bag the rolled handles hurt her shoulders because of the weight.

    good luck
  5. I have both... I have 2 Speedy's (both Mini Lin) and a Azur Saleya MM. If I could only have one I would take the Saleya MM. Just because I prefer shoulder bags. They are both great bags.
  6. I like the idea of wearing it on my shoulder with the Saleya.
  7. I plan to get the Azur Saleya this that is what I would recommend.
  8. I like the look (and price) of the Speedy over the Saleya, but it depends on your needs for a shoulder/ handbag.
  9. I love the Saleya!
  10. Good question ... both great bags. I want both too, if you want shoulder bag then I suggest the saleya. The speedy is cute but can only be handheld or carried by the crook of your arm ~ which is also very classy and chic btw.
  11. I'd go with the Saleya because it seems more practical and it's not seen that much!
  12. saleya cuz it has alcantara lining...
  13. gotta say speedy! although i think you cant go wrong with either
  14. Ooh, this is tough. I think the Saleya looks so good in Azur, but the Speedy is an awesome shape. I think it depends on whether you prefer handheld vs. shoulder. Let us know what you decide!
  15. My thoughts exactly!!!