HELP! Azur French Purse or Koala Wallet????

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  1. Hi Ladies & Gents!! My SO agreed to get me a wallet for xmas :yahoo: .. but now the dilemma.. which one?? I love both the French Purse and the Koala equally.. but I can only have one. I need one with a good amount of card holders, a bill holder, and coin compartment!

    Please give me your insight.. pros and cons, photos- anything!!!!

    Thanks again!!!!! :yes: :yes: :yes: I really appreciate your opinions!

  2. i'd say the "french purse"..:yes:
  3. For Azur, I somehow think the French purse is nicer. I own the regular damier koala, so in my opinion since regular damier is a more serious and masculine print it balances with the "fun" factor of the koala button. The azur on the other hand is already a light and breezy style, so the subdued french style works better. Azur reminds me of the French Riviera too, so it's fitting with the french style purse! Maybe i'm just crazy, but let me know if you get what I mean! :nuts:
  4. Thanks Jhystle22 and LV Love.. I know what you mean!! I'm leaning towards the French Purse too!!! :biggrin:
  5. I like the french purse, doesn't that one have more cc holders?
  6. What stinks is that elux doesn't have any interior photos.. I'd really like to know how many too.. haha.
  7. french purse all the way!
  8. yeah I think it has 8. It's on the LV site-oh not a pic of the interior though.
  9. Oh yes does the French purse have a billfold too?? I can't really tell from the ebay photos I'm checking out.
  10. it has 8 cc slots...:drool:
  11. i am also trying to make a decision on a wallet. I went to the store and had a look at them all, originally i was going to get the pochette wallet but it was HUGE (for me), the koala was small and cute, but couldnt really fit much coins in the coin compartment bit. The french purse is beautiful, a good size and fits enough stuff, the only thing holding me back is the price tag. the BF was gunna buy it for my bday, but i feel kinda bad wanting the most exxy one out of the three.
  12. The Azur French wallet has 8 cc slots plus two little pockets - saw one on ebay that showed the inside. The Koala has 9 cc slots and one pocket plus one id pocket. But the French has a better coin purse since the Koala has a zipper coin purse which is not as good for holding lots of coins. But the Koala has a little more security since the pushlock is a very strong clasp. Both are very pretty but I think you should go for the Koala. I have the Koala in Damier and the French in Mono (but it only has 4 cc slots) and I find that I use my Koala a lot more!!!
  13. Great description! Very informative. Thanks so much peace43!
  14. So did you end up getting anything? :yes:
  15. ok... i'm in the minority, because i like the koala wallet better.