Help! Avventura or Luna?!

  1. My brother is here visiting and is going to buy me a bag for my birthday!!

    I need a travel tote but I am waffling between the Avventura and Luna. Can anyone tell me which is more comfortable/roomy? I'm looking for something that would work well as both an overnight bag and airplane carry-on.

    Any advice is appreciated and I'll be sure to post pics once it is delivered.

    (I usually post to the Bottega Veneta forum, so hello everyone!)
  2. I've never seen the Avventura but I have a Luna and it's great as an overnight bag. I :heart: it for that but I wouldn't like to use it as a carry on for the plane, that's just me. I've heard the Avventura is huge and will fit a ton and I'd personally rather use that on the plane as a carry I'm gonna say Avventura!!!
  3. Thanks for the reply. That is the bag I was looking at first....
    I'm so excited about my first Tokidoki!
  4. I think you'll be happier with that bag as a carry on and from what I hear it might even fit more than the luna so you can't go wrong with it!! ;) Good luck on your first purchase let us know how it goes!!
  5. ^Thanks to you and the great bag ref. thread, I went with the Avventura. The only reason I was considering the Luna anyway is because of the shoulder strap. My bag was just ordered from Happy Six and will be shipped Tuesday!

    I've also started looking at the Vacanze print. I think there will be one of those in my future as well....
  6. Congrats on you choice. I would have chosen the Avventura also.
  7. :dothewave::dothewave:
    Congrats on your purchase!! I think you'll :heart: it. Let us know how you like it when you get it!! Vacanze is going to be super duper cute!!
  8. yayyy! i would've said avventura too :biggrin: if pulse had anymore in tutti that's what i would've wanted rather than a gioco.
  9. I keep reading about Pulse but haven't been able to find it. website, anyone?

    I'm flying to a meeting in two weeks and I've never had a good travel bag. I've been looking at tokidoki items at macy's for awhile now but never settled on anything. I really think this bag is going to work great. I hate the waiting game, but really, how nice of a brother do I have?!?!
  10. One thing I wanted to add about pulse if you didn't know they don't show the bags on their site you have to call in your order and Casey usually is there and she will help you if you want a certain print placement.
  11. ^ Thank you!! I really appreciate the advice.