Help! Authentication for brazilian member

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  1. Hi girls!

    I just saw at eBay an item I'm crazy about...
    But I really don't have any experience about on line auctions - if I can't find something at the official retailer, I used to forget. Usually, most of these items never arrive in Brazil and, when they arrive, they're so expensive (our taxes for luxury items can reach 100%) - that's impossible to buy. But... I didn't forget this bag.
    Can anyone help me? Is it a real Chanel? The id and cards are ok? :confused1:

    I'm going to US in October and I can get it and bring it with no tax fee...

    Tks a lot for any help!

  2. U need to post this in the AUTHENTICATE THIS thread...
  3. it me or does one of the pics have a BRIGHTON logo on it>LMAO?(run......!!!)
  4. Jill,

    You are right about the Brighton logo......I honestly think that seller mixed up her pictures. I think she sells all authentic stuff.
  5. Jill, sorry. I'll try to place it in the correct place....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.