HELP!!! authentication card for classic flap

  1. Hi CHANEL forum ladies,

    I am desperately seeking your help and expertise on this matter. My bf got me a med classic flap for Christmas. I couldnt pin point on it til now, but it does not have a authentication card attached ?
    _ I have the gift receipt from NM , should i call them up?

    What should i do, please advise.

    Thanks so much


    Happy New year!!!
  2. Did you check in the inside zipper?
  3. URgh. I think i did, gonna check it again.
    I'm so OCD, before realizing the missing card, i was about to march in there and ask for a new box. My box wasnt fitting nicely >> heheheh i am OCD, OMG!
  4. Card shouldn't be attached, it's normally wrapped tight in tissue w/ a little book thingy in a pocket.
  5. Right! I have the booklet, but not the card. Gosh. gonna have to make that trip to NM afterall. :sad:
  6. Hi, just wondering if you managed to get this problem sort out?
    If not, just to let you know that my card was slot in one of the flat pocket (not even wrapped in tissue, was quite shock actually cos it could easily scratch..) -incase you haven't check it there..