Help Authenticating Goyard Bag

  1. I am no expert but I would certainly ask for specifics from the seller...where exactly it was purchased and when and does she/he have any paperwork to verify. Very new seller with a recent id change I see...that would make me a little skeptical but I would ask all the right questions anyway.
  2. yes i asked the seller and i was told that unfortunately there were no papers for the bag. but it was 100% authentic
  3. But...very important...where does she say it was purchased? Very limited retailers carry Goyard. Also ask her if it is handpainted.
  4. ok will it supposed to be hand painted? =( clueless
  5. Yes...hand painted to the best of my knowledge. Also, in NYC anyway only Barney's and Bergdorf sell them.
  6. She replied back she said she got it from bergdorf
  7. Good sign...
  8. well thanks so much for your help!!..i still dont know what im going to do but atleast im a little more aware on what to look for =)
  9. I would also ask her where she is shipping from...missing from her listing. I would also ask her about her id name change and see what she says. I would just say something like...I can not help but be a little curious/concerned about your recent id name change. Can you please explain the situation to me so to alleviate my concerns? We all know where you can buy Goyard so if she has no paperwork from Bergdorf I might still be wary. I also notice that she sold the exact same bag in a different color...I am not sure what to make of that.
  10. she said the reason for her name change is because she started as a buyer and it wasnt until recently that she was able to get her hands on these items..
  11. I checked out the listing and asked her a few questions...don't worry I am not interested in the bag. She insists it is from Bergdorf and said she can not get a receipt because she obtains it from a third party. I asked if her contact worked at BG and she said yes. So, it can be employee discount kind of thing or, heavens forbid, stolen. I really don't know about this one...I might be tempted but just can not make up my mind one way or the other definitively. Let me know what you decide.
  12. hehe ive decided its authentic..she has replied to all my questions without a flaw everybody deserves a chance right?
  13. Then go for it...hope you get a great price.
  14. good luck! :balloon: