Help authenticating chloe shoes....

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  1. Hi everyone and sorry if I'm in the wrong forum it's my first post:shame:

    I have recently bought a pair of Chloe shoes from eBay and am not really sure if they are genuine. I have heard many rumours over buying anything designer on Ebay, but I have sold Jimmy Choo shoes in the past and know there are some genuine (although sparse) items available.

    I did enquire when they were purchased and were told 'this season' last year but have been unable to find a picture of them anywhere in archives. They don't have huge feedback but all positive, not many designer items and has returns policy..To be honest the quality does look very good and I have a genuine chloe bag but no shoes so nothing to compare against. There isn't a Chloe boutique in Birmingham, only Selfridges and think they only sell Chloe bags not is the link

    and would be grateful if anyone has a solid opinion. I have taken some pics to help...

    Thanks v. much Danielle
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  2. I have several pairs of Chloe shoes and they look good to me. The insole font looks good, I think the colour is mousse (deep, grey green). There is nothing suspicious to me. But I am no expert at authenticating, and may be missing something. I would suggest you post this in the Chloe authenticate this thread, and maybe the glass slipper, and include a side view for the heel.
  3. Thanks for that and I have also posted in glass slipper..will try forum you suggested and here is a pic of the heel

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  4. I am not an expert but I love Chloe shoes myself. I don't own this pair but IMO there is nothing alarming about them. They look quite nice and high quality. Do wait for an expert's opinion, though.
  5. please post all Authentication questions in the Auth This thread
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