help authenticate vinatge gucci bags

  1. Help!!!

    I am new to this forum and to shopping on e-bay, I am so afraid of getting ripped off. I am looking at several vintage bags 60's to 80's. I own two Gucci bags that were purchased in Rome 5 years ago, but these older bags, not a clue!!

    Two bags in question are leather, they both have a Gucci logo, made in Italy stamped inside the leather lining (looks like leather), and have gold Gucci logo pull tabs on the interior zipper.

    The other bag is a tote, no lining just canvas with Gucci made in Italy stamped inside; this one has the red and green sripes, canvas and leather trim.

  2. You are going to want to post this in the Gucci subforum of the Handbags & Purses forum. There is an "authenticate this" thread in there where you can post links to auctions.
  3. where do i find that thread?
  4. When you first go into the purse forum, if you scroll down you should see a link that says "Gucci." Click on that and one of the first threads (links) you will see is an "authenticate this" thread.