Help Authenticate these Bags!!

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  1. Can anyone help me to tell if these bags are authentic?
    Check these links:

    1) eBay: HERMES BIRKIN BLACK PALLADIUM (item 290013425494 end time Aug-05-06 20:56:39 PDT)

    2) eBay: HERMES BIRKIN IN HONEY CROCODILE (item 290013425479 end time Aug-05-06 20:56:34 PDT)

    3) eBay: HERMES BIRKIN 35CM CHERRY RED PALLADIUM (item 290013425518 end time Aug-05-06 20:56:50 PDT)

    Seller will not answer specific questions regarding the embossed letter or where is located. Nor, any inquires about the lock.

    Thank you to anyone who can give me some insite!!
  2. All fakes I'm affraid!!:throwup:
  3. Please post all authentication questions in the "Authenticate This" Sticky above.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.