Help Authenticate An Lv Vanity Please

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    I bought this bag...and somone said to me how can u buy without authenticating on the PF?!!!! BAAADDDD!
    Is this authentic??/

    its a vanity case by vuitton?

    i have to pay....pls tell me soon!!!
  2. Don't pay that's a def. fake! Those care cards are always a HUGE warning sign.

    For further questions, please use the Authenticate This Sticky provided!

    Thank you! :flowers:
  3. what do u mean.."authenticate this sticky"

    pls help i have only just joined this forum...

    am groping in the dark...

    thanks really appreciate ur time..
  4. the sticky is a thread that is permanently at the top of the shopping subforum.
  5. Yep- It's definitely 100% fake.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.