HELP! Authentic Louboutins?

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  1. Trying to find the right place to post this.

    Could someone let me know if they think these Christian Louboutins are indeed real? They come with the box and dust bag...but no receipt. Thanks


  2. You should post to the Authenticate thread.
  3. Thanks guys, I have tried that as well.
    Hopefully I'll get an answer from somebody. :smile:
  4. I cant see them in the authenticate thread!

    Take a pic of the back of the shoe too so the bow can be seen
  5. Also take pics of both sides of the shoe as well. I don't see them in the other thread either.
  6. They look totally fake to me.
  7. Where did you buy them from? (If you have bought them!)
  8. They don't look good to me either.
  9. They look fake. Sorry!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.