Help auth ppllleeze!

  1. YSL Yves Saint Laurent Black Patent TRIBUTE Handbag Bag (200174036344)

    I had researched for possible fakes...I was concerned that I recd the bag today and the pattern is large down the middle of the bag, but along the bottom and sides...the print of the croc is really small.

    I am really geared to stop eBay shopping...or at least to trusted sellers only..please help
  2. Hi divinediva3,

    I looked at the seller's feedback and noticed that the last 3 items listed are YSL muses which sold from $400-$610. :cursing: All 3 are fakes. You can clearly see how the seller seems sloppy with the first bag sold on 10/16 and then becomes more deceptive with the pics. The seller uses the same pic of seemingly authentic ID cards for the Tribute that you purchased and a muse bag.

    I'm sorry, but please try to get your money back and report this seller ASAP. I will report this seller to eBay, too. Keep us posted on the outcome.
  3. There is one more thing I want to mention:

    I came across this ad on craigslist portland (barter) 11-23-07:
    I have a Black YSL Yves Saint Laurent Oversized Muse handbag hand bag purse for sale or trade for 450$ only. It was purchased as a present for me in LA.

    I am in real need of money or a good camera that I am alo looking for laptop p4 or better, Digital camcorder, Desktop computer (don't need monitor, don't need keyboard/mouse). Will consider trading for giftcards (restaurants, grocery stores or stores like Macys, Nordstrom, Target, Cosco etc) If it will be necessary I will consider partial trading.

    Payment method is cash (20$ bills or smaller only please)

    If you want more pictures or have any questions just ask me.

    Size of the bag can be found in Nordstrom.

    The person that is posting the above ad uses the same pics of a FAKE YSL muse your seller had posted and sold in Sept. and Oct. of '07.