Help athenticate Isabella Fiore Please!!

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  1. Hi ladies, I am an active member on the balenciaga subforum and therefore know nothing about Isabella Fiore bags. Does anyone know how to authenicate them? I am looking at a Isabella Fiore Quilty Pleasures bag and just don't know how to begin to authenticate it short of going to my poupette. The lisitng is on eBay item #260168527650 if anyone would be so kind as to help me our here a little. I would be more than happy to repay the favor and authenciate a balenciaga since that is the only designer I feel very confortable with. Does anyone know the retail on this bag, the seller is starting the bidding at $175.99, thanks a million!!
  2. This IF is authentic. The tag and inside label both match up to a bag I bought at an NYC boutique last spring. The leather looks right as well, the IF leather is really beautiful and substantial, but let me warn you, really heavy. You and I both love Balenciaga and we are a bit spoiled with how lightweight they are. The IF bags are heavy, I'm actually going to sell mine later this month because I don't use it and it's too heavy. Hope that helps!