Help: Astrakan Flap Bag/ Brown Classic Flap

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  1. i think i need your help here.

    i´ve seen a flap bag and a tote bag from a line called astrakan for 07a/act 1. has anyone already seen those? could you please tell me if it is real astrakan fur or only leather that has been crumpled so it resembles the fur?

    oh, and does anyone know which hardware colors it comes in?

    and one last question: is anyone able to locate a medium brown classic flap in the medium/large size with gold hardware? i simply can`t get hold of it here in europe!!!

    thank you so much in advance!
  2. I had this discussion today with a Chanel rep! It is NOT real astrakan, and involves no killing of mother and baby lamb. It's leather with a texture.
  3. thanks for clearing that up! so, then it`s still lamb, but leather and not like the whole thing made into a bag! ;o)
  4. I sort of tuned out bits of the explanation about baby lamb skin and fur and what astrakan really is. But the leather is lamb. I just didn't ask about the hardware and there wasn't a bag at the trunk show. The little lookbook picture I saw of the styles said "agneau froisse." (I think).
  5. i don`t know if i can explain that in english but astrakan is the fur of lambs that have just been born (they even used to abort them, but officially that`s not done anymore) and are immediately made into fur (to avoid the word slaughtered) so that the amniotic sack leaves marks on their fur. that is actually why they have this crinkled look

    agneau froissé is french for wrinkled lamb.