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Étriers scarf, Louis Vuitton speedy 30 or save money?

  1. Scarf

  2. Speedy

  3. Save

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  1. I'm 16 and on the weekend I had a decision to make - a Hermés scarf or a pair of Chanel flats. I chose the flats.

    Now I also want the scarf, but do I choose the scarf or a Louis Vuitton speedy?

    The scarf is called étriers it's from spring/summer 09 and it's in a Royal blue. I have it on hold until Wednesday, and I think it's one of the last ones in England!
  2. You can always find a speedy. You have another purse, I assume, so my thought is get the scarf. Be sure you'll wear it, though :smile:
  3. I say go for the scarf. The speedy will always be there, the scarf will not. :smile:
  4. I would get the scarf
  5. I would save for a Kelly...
  6. i love the birkin more than the kelly! i want a Lady dior for my 18th then a birkin for my 21st!!

    My mum is saying it's a lot of money for a scarf but i think it may be worth it? is it an investment? do they keep well?
  7. I say go for the scarf. As the other ladies have all said, the speedy will always be there and the scarf may not. But yes make sure you will wear it. Yeah ,sure it is a bit of money for a scarf, but weren't the flats quite a bit? Quite a lot of money for a pair of shoes, as well. It is definitely worth the money for the scarf. It is an investment and it will keep well as long as you take care of it. It will never lose its value.
  8. I agree, go for the scarf ;).
  9. scarf, that is a beautiful design, and u might not find it anymore
    for speedy, u can find it everywhr.
  10. scarf. like the others said, get the scarf. save for an H bag too in lieu of the speedy.
  11. nadxo Etriers is not for a 16 years old woman (I totally disagree with the rarity of this scarf, on the contrary it's quite easy to find). Go for a deep-dye Brides de Gala!!!! remember that you have all your life ahead to wear classic designs!

  12. ]Nadxo there is more for you to enjoy...

  13. You have to ask yourself- are you going to make use of the scarf and wear it?
    If not there is no point, get the speedy instead!!
  14. I agree with a lot of other posters that the Speedy will always be there. Same goes for scarves, there will always be a fab design that will sing to you. I would save for a fab bag that will be an investment unless you are a regular scarf wearer.
  15. I totally agree. I have always been a regular scarf-wearer, so I do understand the appeal.

    And, just because you have some extra $$ right now does NOT mean you have to spend it. Saving is way underrated. :biggrin: