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  1. I need help like ASAP! What do you guys think of this bag?


    I might get it in a few hours but am totally undecided. Opinions pls. I want the exact same color combo, I adore python!

    Or should I get another LV? I got like 3 LVs this weekend though so I'm looking to get something else, but maybe I should just stick to the classic!:wacko:
  2. Where do u work?! Everytime we turn around you are addung to the collection! I like the white; is this a cambon?
  3. Yes its from the Cambon line. I'm also considering the Fendi Spy hobo, I need HELP!!!!
  4. Post a pic of that one.
  5. Hum... what about a Chanel 2.55 classic? I like those! That bag I actually like to

    And yes, what do you do to get all these bags?!
  6. haha I should check out the 2.55 as well. And I don't really do anything, my family just humors my bag addiction!!!!
  7. What about the Fendi Spy hobo?
  8. post a pic so i can see what it looks like! you lil brat : )
  9. haha BRAT??? :lol:


    this is most likely a fake so just imagine this but a better quality and ALL LEATHER lol.
  10. Ummm. I'm NOT a Fendi fan, but it looks nice if you like Fendi
  11. Bleh this isn't looking good, in less than an hour I am leaving and I don't know what to buy!!!
  12. I love it! Especially if it's ALL leather. You have great taste in bags Noriko.
  13. Thanks! Is it too plain though? They have it in a bunch of different colors, but not the damn hologram that I'm on the waitlist for, I'm so sad!
  14. Any other suggestions? I'm leaving in 43 min lol.
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