Help, ASAP...please. Buyer wants exchange and I am not sure how to process...

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    Thanks within advance for your assistance in this matter! Okay, here's the summary.

    Buyer bought my Dior Gaucho tote for 1k.

    I tagged the bag (I put a scurity tag the buyer has to cut off with scissors, so I don't end up with a fake returned to me...although I have only had one bag returned due to buyer's remorse, I just don't want any issues). Anyhow, I shipped it out and he received it this past weekend, he was really happy....but, it was a gift for his wife and he says she would want a bag that could go upon the shoulder.

    So, I am also selling another authentic Dior Gaucho double bag, which does go on the shoulder. He asked if I would exchange the bags (the tote for the double)...the double is actually worth a tiny bit less, so I said no problem. I am very understanding and want happy buyers.

    So, today he FedEx'd the tote back to me 1-day shipping and then selected the buy it now immediately for the Dior Gaucho Double bag I was selling.'s my question. When I receive the Dior Gaucho tote back today (assuming my security tag is attached and it's still in brand new condition) I will exchange it, but what do I do financially through Paypal to protect myself. I mean, I could ship out the Dior Gaucho Double bag and then later he could claim something with regards to the tote, maybe requesting a refund or something possibly.....or am I just being too cautious?

    When I receive the Dior Gaucho tote back, should I process a refund for it and then ask the buyer to process payment for the Dior Gaucho Double bag??? Whatever happens needs to be quick, I forgot to mention that. When he purchased the tote, he said they were leaving for Europe within a, I need to know what you all think. I will check back often, I need to ship the Dior Gaucho double as soon as I get the tote back.

    When I receive the tote he paid for, should I just ship the double bag out with no transaction taking place financially? I did mention to him that I would need to process the small refund for the difference of the two bags (I think it is something around $20). Help! I just want to cover myself, because between the two bags that is over $2k.

    Thank you so much for your help with this. Happy Holidays!:heart::heart::heart:
  2. i would refund the original payment once you have the bag back, then get him to pay for the second bag in the new transaction
  3. yes, totally agree with that, you need a separate transaction in case anything goes awry, you are not being too cautious at all.
  4. :yes:
    Agree ~ You need to refund and then he needs to pay for the second bag. It is for BOTH of your protection.
  5. Yes, normally I would say just exchange it but whenever someone says something like " I am in a huge hurry because we are leaving for Europe in a week', I get a little suspicious. So I would do an exchange and rebuy the other bag and take every precaution.
  6. Hello forenfinal , weekender2 , ladyisobel ,

    Thank you so so so much for posting a response!

    I was really unsure what to do! This confirms it. I will refund payment for the Dior Gaucho tote (when received) and then ask the buyer to process payment for the bag he wants. What if the buyer does not want to do this?

    Thank you again, sincerely, from my heart! I now know what I need to do. Happy Holidays!:heart:

    p.s. Now I just have to get that Dior Gaucho tote listed (and quick, since it is the holidays!). hahaha! Don't you think it will scare potential buyers off, they may remember the auction from just last week...should I add a little note within the auction? If so, what should it say? Thanks again! :flowers:
  7. add a note in the auction title, " for xxxxx only " or something, the buyer shouldn't have a problem doing things this way and if he does, then you haven't lost anything really, just email him to confirm how you're going to proceed, i wouldn't list it till you get the other one back and he's ready to buy (after he's had the refund).
  8. You mark the first bag as payment not received. Open an unpaid item dispute and select that the buyer has returned the bag. have him mutually agree not to cpmplete the transaction and then after all is said & done, refund him.

    Then keep your fingers crossed that he buys the other bag.
  9. When you get the bag back (untampered with) refund the transaction and send the buyer a mutual agreement so you can get your fees back on that auction. (explain that is what it is for) and create the new listing... Be honest. You sold the bag and I buyer decided they wanted a different bag. You are the seller and it is your right to accomodate certain buyers that meet certain criteria - if you are asked about accepting the return from someone... As far as the other auction goes. Just list the item BIN and then send the buyer the listing number via email- it will take awhile to post to eBay anyway and he can go ahead and complete the transaction...