HELP ASAP! Marc Jacobs interior


Feb 21, 2006
Hi there! Oh boy! My first post here! Just curious...I'm looking at a marc jacobs large multipocket hobo on ebay (yes, I know it's an old model but I love it...and I know ebay is DANGEROUS...but seller is lovely and not a power seller, etc)...

It's an older multipocket....Maybe a 1-2 years...And the interior is cream FABRIC... **** Does anyone know if they used to have fabric interior??? ****:love:
Yup, they have cream fabric interiors. You should post a link so that we could all take a look at it just to confirm the authenticity. Both my MJ Stella and Venetia have fabric interiors.
I have a multipocket hobo as well and I love it! I have it in white and it does have a farbric interior. I could take a pic if you'd like. Let me know!
You guys are fab! I purchased it but haven't paid. I have an old Susanah and the seams seemed (haha) to look the same....


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Moremoremore-I just laughed so hard b/c I remember when I was getting engaged, I was on every day to juice out all information I could possibly get out regarding diamonds. Now that I've married, I've committed myself to this forum!
LOL Bella...I've got one word for ya...UPGRADE!!! LOLOL... Most of us psychos on pricescope live for upgrades ... No sentimental softies :biggrin: I'm on #3 in 4 years :smile: Bless hubby :smile: I'm still on that darn site...and it's bad news...Now I registered here. You ladies are so fab with your bags!
moremoremore, I post sometimes at pricescope. I haven't been there for awhile since I found this forum.:amuse:
Regarding to your MJ bag, can you post the auction link. I had over 25 Marc Jacobs bag at one point and I am a little concerned about the hardware on this particular bag. They seem rather dull in your picture. It's hard to tell since the pictures are kinda small. Is this the large or the small multipocket?
Savannah- I have the same concern. I have an MJ Sophia w/silver hardware, and they're shiny (even if I've had it for over a year). Here is the picture of mine for comparison;


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