HELP! are there any reissues left?!

  1. i called over a dozen stores today, including the chanel 1-800 #, and still NO REISSUE!!! someone on the 1-800 line said that there are absolutely NO 226 non-patent black or white reissues in stock. i thought that meant none in the boutiques, but she said there would not be any in the dept. stores either! i decided to call some stores after that in hopes that she didn't know what she was talking about, lol--BUT STILL NO REISSUE! can anyone help me???? please? :crybaby:
  2. ok so during my hunt i found a 227 GRAY reissue and a navy patent (not sure on the size for that one). anyone want the #s? :yes:

    also, can anyone tell me if i am supposed to be responsible for sales tax if i order from bloomies? tx doesn't have a bloomies, but the SA said i will be paying for my state's sales tax. why is that????
  3. I believe there is still a navy blue patent reissue at NM in Boca Raton. There also may be a black one, but I am not sure. - Check with Sabrina - 1.561.417.5151.
  4. ... but she said she didn't want a patent... although the patent is very, very special and I was considering getting one.
  5. hmm, that's odd. I would assume that you shouldn't have to pay sales tax. I know Chanel stores are quite strict on that, but I'm ordering a bag in from Saks in NY and the SA told me that i would not have to pay for sales tax! (SOOO Exciting, and I live in CA where there are tons of Saks) i remember reading somewhere on a thread that if you say it is a gift, that perhaps you don't have to pay sales tax?
  6. that's great! you could use that hundred or two you saved for your next bag! :p i'll try asking for it to be sent as a gift if i decide to get the 227 white--i'm still looking for a 226 though!
  7. i tried calling today about the potential black reissue, but it went to her voicemail. i'll try again tomorrow. thanks for your help! :yes:
  8. The SA was more than likely confused about the sales tax. If there is no Bloomies in your state, you will not be charged taxes by them. That goes for NM, and Saks too. In LA there are no Bloomies or NM, so i never get charged tax. However Chanel boutiques can tax me because there is a Saks with Chanel.....
  9. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America has a navy patent.
  10. NM in denver has 227 white reissue
  11. Where is the grey reissue located??
  12. It was there today at Palm Desert 760-837-2900
  13. I live in CA as well and it is true, when you buy from the NY store, and I think it is only that store from CA, they do not charge you sales tax, which is a big savings when you are buying something for that amount of money. One of my bigger purchases last year I bought from Saks NY and also was a gift card day . . . (The thing is I forget at times to call Saks NY) :yes:
  14. lovelyxmelody, ring up SAKS asap. when my sister was trying to hunt the 226 last week. the SA told my sister that someone has just returned her white reissue 2.55 in 226.
  15. i just saw jumbo reissue in navy in chanel boutique in soho, new york, today.

    they have more than one left.