help - are skinny jeans flattering on short women?

  1. Do you think that skinny jeans are flattering on short women?

    I have a problem - I'm 4'11" and I want to get a pair of skinny jeans, but I'm worried that it will be unflattering on me. I tried on Paige skinny jeans and I thought they looked good (and the salesperson at the store said they elongated my legs - but I'm not sure if she was being sincere or if she just wanted to make a sale!), but I keep reading in online articles & such that skinny jeans make short women look even shorter OR skinny jeans make short women look taller because more attention is drawn to the legs. So, I'm confused - which is it?!

    Also, if any of you have seen Oprah where Stacy London gives jean tips (the "jean intervention" episode), she advises petites to try a straight leg, because bootcuts make petites look shorter....

    Anyways, I'm not sure whether I should stick to bootcuts (even if Stacy London says it isn't flattering!) or try out the skinny leg. BTW, I have a very small build...thin legs, small backside. =) What would you ladies suggest? Thanks!
  2. hi :smile:

    I'm 5'1, 92 lbs, long legs for my height 29/30" seam and same built as you. First place, that lady on Oprah is insane. Bootcut makes your legs look longer. In fact, it makes all types of bodies look better.

    As far as skinnys I finally figured it out thanks to the help of the fabulous owner of my favorite boutique. One weeked I tried on at leat 10 pairs and i hated them all, my legs looked super skinny but didn't like the way the hip area looked. Then a week later I went to my favorite boutique and whined about the fact that I can't wear skinnys.

    She told me the trick was to try them on wiht a shirt that goes up to your hip. You should never look at how they look on you without the waist part covered. This is especially true with petites.

    I found that the best ones for petitites are Tsubis, and the 10" J jeans (the inseam is 29" so if you have skinny legs it has the effect of the 12" on taller folks where you can wear them a lil scrunchy on the bottom).
  3. Bootcuts can make short legs look shorter if the flare in the bootcut starts too high on the leg. If you are petite, the flare should be adjusted to start where it flatters the length of your leg.
    I am short and wear skinnys ( not super-skinnys) and find that my footwear choice makes all the difference in wearing this style.
    The above tip regarding the top that reaches your hip totally makes sense.
  4. I think the darker the skinnies, the more flattering they are. I'm 5'1" and 115 pounds and have noticed that lighter skinnies make me look.. stumpy. And definitely, straight legs and longer shirts are my best friend. The only 12 inch skinnies I have are black true religions- everything else are 14 inches.
  5. I think it depends on your body shape. I'm barely 5'4, 115-120 lbs., and I don't think they look that flattering on me. The only reason I'll consider buying a pair is to tuck into my boots. I have an hourglass figure, and even though I'm small, I think it draws too much attention to my thighs/hips.
  6. Hi there!

    i'm about a 5"3 without any shape whatsoever and especially no ass - and I SWEAR BY Straight legged jeans - No super skinny and NO BOOTLEG.. For someone that has to take up their jeans, boot leg is always a bad idea as we just end up looking bottom heavy. and super skinny just makes you look like you're wearing leggings.

    My favourite skinny straights would have to be True Religion Julies (cuffed up), nobody, sass & bide and TSUBIs.
  7. I think it really depends on your body type. You have to be much thinner (than another person of average or above-average height) to look good in skinny jeans if you are petite. In general, you have to have thin legs.

    Boot cut is generally flattering if the flare isn't too wide and it doesn't start too high....
  8. I think bootcut will make your leg looks longer, simply because they will go to the ground and not show your show for the most part. Plus its jus that long, but i think you need to wear them in dark wash not light wash.

    I think a skinny jean would make you look your height. you'll have to wear this jean with a thin pump/heel to give the illusion of height.

  9. That is so strange that some people don't think bootcut looks good on petites. :wtf:

    I myself as noted earlier is very petite, 5'1 92 lbs, and it makes my legs look super long. Straight cut is just blah.. they look like old 501s.

    Also skinnys look good on petites, look at Nicole Richie she's tiny and looks very good in skinnys. Further, as I already explained in a prior post, the key is to not wear them too scrunchyon the bottom or better yet wear them with boots and wear a shirt that goes up to your hip which covers the waist area.

    I think the key is dont' wear flats and alwasy wear heels/platforms.
  10. A straight leg in dark denim rather than super straight is most flattering, IMO.
    Bootcuts are more universally flattering, but I as a 5'4" woman, size 8 with a 30 or 31" inseam (yuck), if the bootcut flares too much any hemming looks silly as there's just a short flare at the bottom couple inches.

    I have a pair of Joe's cigarette jeans in dark denim which are becoming a staple for me this fall, as well as black denim TR Billy's which are a little edgier with the contrast stitching but still great and not too skinny.

    I just wear my skinny jeans with high heeled clogs or high heeled wedges or boots - never flats.
  11. i'm 5'2'' and i agree with the other posts about straight legs. they are soo flattering. i love TR johnny's with a high heel - no scrunching. my legs look long and thin, love them! true skinny legs were not flattering on me at all...
  12. Ok, I'm 5'2 and I have a long torso, curves, and I'm small, but I have short legs! I love love skinny jeans, but with my body, they just make me look shorter and make me look like a kid. Do I just not wear them ever? or are there any skinny jeans that will actually look good? (considering that I am small and short too)
  13. i think as long as your legs are proportionally long to your body, then you should be fine. i'm 5'0 with a 29" inseam and i just bought my second pair of skinnies this past weekend - think if you have slim legs they're quite elongating!

    picture time! i tried to demonstrate the hip-length shirt thing too :P

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    2010 02 08.jpg 2010 02 08b.jpg
  14. i think nice fitting skinny jeans can work for short women. but i think they look horrible if they scrunch up too much at the bottom- that'll shorten you IMO. but like everyone else said, it really depends more on your body type than just height alone.

    i'm 5'3, 30" or 31" inseam, and i live in skinny jeans. they look better on me than straight leg jeans.
  15. imo they aren't the most flattering cut (they are cute though) unless you are already super thin with proportionately long legs. the best cut for petites is a slight bootcut, just make sure the bootcut starts at the knee (need petite length bootcuts). straight can be ok but i think bootcut helps elongate legs (given they fit correctly).