HELP!!! Are COACH pony scarves machine washable?

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  1. I slipped on the ice today and dropped my valentine scarf got do I wash it?? I am so sad :crybaby:
    Thanks for any advice
  2. I don't think I'd put it in the washing machine. What you may actually try is a hosiery wash made for silk stockings. I used to buy some at JC Penney's, Macy's or Dillard's in their hosiery department. It's around $7 and does not take the color out of the hosiery, so it would be safe on the colors. It also has something in it that helps prevent snags.
  3. I think it should be washable. IMO there are alot of things that say dry clean only in my closet that I wash at home I would treat it with a stain remover and then in a few hours hand wash it and let it air dry I dont think that it would be a problem, but that is just me. Sorry about the fall I hope you are okay
  4. The majority of Coach scarves are 100% silk so I would definately not wash them in a washing machine!
    Even using the 'delicate' setting they would get mangled in the spin cycle!

    If I were you I would hand wash it in the sink using Woolite and cold water.
    Let it soak for a while since it is that filthy.
    Gently rub on it/lather it to get the dirt out.
    Rinse well in cold water.
    Hang it in your shower to drip dry.
    Once it is clean and dry, iron it on a low heat (silk setting) if needed if it is wrinkled.

  5. Aww I hope you are okay! I would try gently hand washing with some gentle soap
  6. I have always been able to clean my scarves by gently washing them with mild soap and warm water. Let it dry and then gently iron it.
  7. I agree, gentle soap and hand washing. Try not to ring it out, or you will end up with some stubborn wrinkles.
  8. Yep.
    I've washed mine in the sink, no prob.
    Don't use the machine.
    Press flat between 2 towels to get the excess h20 out, then let air dry.
  9. ^^ I agree with the above!! :tup: Sorry that she got all dirty. Hope you can get her clean and make her look like new.
  10. I take mine to the dry cleaners they cost me $2 to dry clean.
  11. Like Carrie and MichSalazar posted, Woolite and some TLC should take care of it :yes: And btw, I love that Valentine's scarf and I'm hoping to score one soon :tup:
  12. Like everyone suggested. Hand washing them is probably going to be your best bet.

    Hope you are ok?

    Good Luck!