Help!Aqua 07 or Blue India in a city bag?

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  1. Thanks to Powderfuff for posting all her beautiful blue bags I am now torn between a Blue India city which is on its way or waiting a few days/weeks for the Aqua City:confused1:

    I were a lot of denim and neutrals, white, some pinks, tans and Am wondering which color would work best??

    I also live in Miami so our dress and life style is pretty casual.

    Thanks for you help:yes:
  2. I haven't seen Aqua in real life, but from seeing the pictures, Aqua would be my vote! I think that a green toned blue looks better with denim . . .
  3. :yes: I love the aqua!!!
  4. I haven't seen Aqua IRL but from the pics it's BEAUTIFUL! I would pick Aqua!
  5. Aqua all the way.
  6. I say get 'em both! :graucho:

    I have a Blue India City that I adore and use all the time, but I plan on getting something in the '07 Aqua as well!
  7. Both are beautiful but I would say aqua.
  8. Another vote for the aquamarine!
  9. aqua for me :p
  10. I would pick`s the color tdf.
  11. Both are gorgeous...but I prefer the dusty Blue India...maybe more versatile...
  12. Aqua !
  13. Both are gorgeous colors but very different. BI is lighter and more gray. Since you live in Miami I can give you an example. Let's go in the boat. :graucho:
    Hopefully, you've driven to the Keys but this pretty much applies to South Beach and Key Biscayne.
    Blue India, think of the shallow areas with white sandy bottom with morning sun. A paler Caribbean blue with a hint of a frosty look.
    Aquamarine, think of the deeper water, where the reef area drops into the deep blue water.
    Honestly being a South Floridian myself, either bag is perfect. BI is more subtle but still beautiful.
    Darn get both! Get a Twiggy in one a City in the other. ;) I can tell you this, my Mom's blue India was really gorgeous and I've always regetted not buying it from her before she returned it. The aquamarine is gorgeous. That's a tough choice. If you wear a lot of white like I do, the aqua will pop more.
  14. I just bought a City in Blue India and I loved wearing it in Florida. It looked as great with jeans and flip flops as it did with a pretty dress and strappy sandals. The Aqua looks more vibrant, I like the dusty colors better. I took a picture of the BI in natural light with some of my jeans. Hope this helps... when in doubt buy both??? :graucho:
  15. Thanks everyone for all of your advice and pictures. I think I will stick with the blue india city for now and consider adding an aqua twiggy later on!!:yes: