HELP! apple green classique!

  1. Hi, i'm looking for an apple green classique and i've no idea where i can get it now but coming into the forum and seeing so many nice apple green bags jus makes me so tempted to own one apple green bbag. I would love to get it new cos it would be my first balencaga bag to kick start with. I rmb i heard someone mention that koh samui still sells it but any idea if it's still available and what's e price? otherwise if anyone has it in very new condition can tell me too! (: But the thing is i'm not rlly good in purchasing things online.

    sigh but i find it quite hard to find new apple classique that i'm getting demoralize. I'm from singapore and there is a balenciaga shop in town but well, they only have the new spring 06 colours. It would be much easier if i jus buy a white or lilac 06 bag in singapore but arghh, i feel like i shouldnt let go of the apple green classique. HOW! what should i do!
  2. I'd recommed eBay (with caution), the marketplace on this forum and perhaps consignment stores? I remember being in HK last year and seeing lots of almost new, Apple Green Bbags at discounted prices. =)
  3. any exact examples of consignment stalls? oh my really which part of hk u went to! maybe i should visit hk soon! but i've no idea where to go to to look for these bags!!!
  4. I'm afraid that the Apple Green Classique (First) at Koh Samui is no longer available; I bought it yesterday (since I couldn't seem to get my hands on the Apple Green City) ... sorry
  5. OH DEAR!!! that is the last one huh?
  6. Isn't Cristina selling one of these in the Marketplace? I'm not sure if it's available, but you might want to check over there on the Want To Sell board.
  7. Yep, I'm selling mine! The OP already sent me a PM. Thanks, Tammy! :biggrin:
  8. yup thanks tammy! i have alr pmed cristina (:
  9. any more suggestions to get my applw green classique? esp if it's available in hk tell me the places to search at!
  10. Honestely the only problem right now is there are about 6540204762990 people looking for an apple Bbag right now and literally 0 available. You wont find them retail, it was last years S/S color. Which has been discontinued.
  11. Basically, if you aren't willing to $$$ you won't get one.
    They are in high demand, but obviously not seriously that high if Cristina's has been up for a few days.
    If you want to find a used Apple First even at retail it's going to be a seriously rare occurance.
    Realistically, if you don't buy Cristina's you could be in for a long wait and as time goes by they will only increase in value (if condition is mint)

    I know I sound all serious,:P but... I'm just being honest about the situation.
  12. Ohhhh CeeJay!!!! you finally gave in to the First!!!! Congrats on your new Apple Green!!! And yes, I am still waiting on pics of all of your newest additions :nuts: :lol: :love:
  13. apple green is one of the coveted colors. it pops up once in a while on ebay and the marketplace, but be prepared to pay way above retail. many people are looking for this color and the bidding war may be fierce. pocketbooks may be wounded.;)
  14. don't worry, you will find ur bbag. I say go for Cristina's.. it's to die for! I can't get it... or I can, but I shouldn't, so it would be great if a PFer can own it! =D
  15. There are lots of consignment stores in HK, mostly named "Milan Station' or 'Paris Station' etc. They're located all around HK, in most of the shopping hot spots.

    The funny thing is, there were heaps of green (Apple and a lighter green), black, purple (Eggplant) and orange (Pumpkin?) Bbags available at what I thought were reasonable prices (US $800-1000) because Balenciaga was no longer the hottest 'IT' bag. Although the bags weren't brand new, they were in excellent condition and considering that they were also selling new Bbags at US $1800 (above retail), the second-hand ones were a real bargain!

    At the time, I was on the lookout for a 2004 Red Bbag and couldn't find one. :cry: And now I regret not buying one in another colour anyway as most of the bags were made of the yummy, soft 2004-2005 leather that totally trumps the new 2006 leather. *doh*

    And now of course, all those bags that I mentioned above are highly sought-after. EGGPLANT! Why did I not fancy purple back then?!?

    Wow, writing this is really making me feel sad and stupid. LoooL. I'm going to be going back to HK next month though, so hopefully I'll find a beautiful and rare Balenciaga. :P