HELP!!! apple care darkened my handles!!!

  1. HELP!!! is this supposed to happen after applying apple products to the handles??? i read good reviews about apple products here so i decided to give it a try..when i finally got my hands on the apple leather care and apple garde..i tested on this dirty patch (caused by my dark jeans) on the back of my 07 vermilion city, well it did help abit, but not much, at least the colour of the bag didn't become darker or anything, and i used quite bit on the back of my city, so i decided to try it on the handles since it's abit dirty..and my handle darkened!!! at first i thought it'll be okay once it's dry..but it's been a day..actually i only tried on one of the handles, and i sprayed the apple garde on the same handle too and it's darker than the untreated handle!! has anyone experienced this before??
    the top handle is the treated one..i applied apple leather care on the handle and gently rubbed it with a white towel and waited for a day before i sprayed the apple i doing it wrongly??? here's more photos
    this is the untreated that i look at it, it doesn't seem so dirty after all, so maybe i shouldn't have cleaned it in the first place :crybaby::crybaby:
    this is the treated doesn't look so bad here but it does look alot darker when i compare it to the untreated one!!!
    can you see the difference??? am i being paranoid?? is this normal??
    i applied the apple leather care to the front of my bag too but it didn't change the colour of the bag at all so i don't understand why it only happens to my handles??
    i know apple is only recommended for bbags but i thought i'd try in on my LV speedy 30 and the same thing happened too!!! so now both my balenciaga and LV have one darkened handle's not VERY obvious but i'm very upset!

    is this normal? how do i fix this! HELP!!!!
  2. ^^ oh no, i wish i knew what to say :crybaby:
  3. hMMm... oh dear. I do know that the Apple Guarde needs to be sprayed form a 6-10 inch distance. The Vacheta leather on your LV will definitely darken, with the use of Apple guarde spray.. (mypoupette, mentioned it on her website). However, at this point with your handles you can either spray the other side to even it out (knowing it may or may not come out the same color, be 100% sure before actually doing it)... or call LMB and see if she can extract the appleguard from your handles. GOod luck~!
  4. that handle is definitely darker -- this is why i never put anything on my bags! and the lv vachetta will definitely darken. i think your only option is to put the product all over so the bag is uniform. so sorry!
  5. I personally would leave it alone for a while before using the Apple Guarde anywhere else. Maybe it will fade with time or maybe it is still a little wet. It really is not very noticable, in fact I doubt anyone would notice unless you called attention to it (although I can understand why it bothers you). Give it at least a week and then maybe call LMB. Good luck!
  6. thanks for the kind replies! i'm not located in the states so LMB is definitely out of the question..i think i'll just leave the other handle alone and see how things go..but i'm really bummed this happened to my bag cos i know many tPFers use apple leather care to clean their handles :crybaby::crybaby:
  7. and the weird thing is..i did put apple leather care on the rest of my bag but it didn't darken at all, ONLY my handles!!
  8. Could it be that the handles don't have the same amount of glaze (anymore) than the rest of the bag and so they soak it in better? I don't know but I noticed that LMB's For Handles Only darkened the handles of one of my Firsts a bit.
  9. Very sorry...keep in mind your hands touch the handles and your hands don't handle the entire bag in directly the same way. The product will not work the same on the entire bag because of that in most cases. It could be due to the oils in your hands and how that works in conjunction with the product. KWIM?
  10. This is another reason why I never put anything on my bags either!!! I hope that maybe it is just that it isn't 100% dry!!!!
  11. Did you do anything to the handles prior to the AG? Did the previous owner (if any) use anything to treat the handles?
  12. I'm really sorry to hear that happened. I would trawl through the care and maintenance threads to see if anyone else has ever had this problem. I would send an e-mail to LMB to ask their advice, their may be something they can suggest.
  13. thank you girls once again!!
    REREsaurus nope i didn't do anything to it prior to applying the apple leather care and apple guarde and i bought my bag brand new so there's no issue with previous owners.
    twiggers it's been 4 days now i'm pretty sure it's completely dry by now but it's not getting any lighter! ):
    Kellybag i don't really think it's the oils cos i don't really carry my bag in my hands and i don't use any handcream..i think south-of-france's glaze theory might be true
    ClareBC thanks for the suggestion i'll look thru the threads when i have more time..i'm not sure if i should email LMB cos i didn't use their products and i probably won't be acquiring any of their services as i'm not located within the states?
  14. Hi. I am a recent Bal convert, and I just purchased my first City in Sahara and an MU in Sahara as well. I was so excited when they arrived last week. They were both gorgeous. After reading posts about handle discolorations, etc, I was paranoid about the bag getting dirty, so I used Apple Leather Conditioner, and then sprayed with Apple Garde. The bag lost a lot of its sheen and now it has little spots (freckles) in some places where the leather seemed to turn darker from the spray!!! Is this normal? Has anyone ever experienced this with lighter colors. Will it go away? How about the sheen ... is there any way to get that back? I am so depressed. I feel like I have ruined my bags. :sad:
  15. another gal reported darkening of her handle: merged with that in Care & feeding