Help anyone!!!!!

  1. Hi!
    I was wondering if anyone could help my sister out with a repair? One of her chanel bags seems to be coming apart on the conner seam. Has anyone ever sent their chanel bag out for reparir?
    Who would I call or send it to? It was originally purchased at Saks in NY but we were on vacation. The Saks near us does not sell chane.
    What do we do???:crybaby:
  2. which city are you from?
  3. Chanel does do repairs..I had to have my reporter sent out because of a manufacturing defect (the lining started to tear near one of the grommets) and got it back fairly quickly. I took mine to my Neiman's where I bought it-do you have a Neiman's that sells Chanel?
    If not, maybe you can call the Chanel hotline and see what they recommend.
  4. yea , lol, that was EXACTLY what i was gonna post, after she told me what city she is from, she lives in MA...?