Help! Anyone?!

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  1. I have called several Off 5th Stores looking for a RASTA WESTFIELD TOTE....however all of my attempts have failed :sad: Has anyone seen one at an OFF 5th Location?? I don't trust Ebay so I wouldn't buy from there but would do a charge/send from Saks....Please HELP!!!
  2. Why wouldn't you buy off of eBay? So far Lux items haven't been faked yet.
  3. Ya, i've gotten a few bags off there and they have been perfect. I would go with Ebay!! If you charge send from off 5th you dont get to see the bag like you do on Ebay
  4. Well I guess I have had some previous problems with EBAY and items being faked and that is why I am so leery. I have never ordered a L.A.M.B purse from Ebay so i guess if I can't find the bag I might go on there....I just wanted to see if anyone had seen the Rasta Westfield anywhere first....
  5. I haven't seen this bag in a while at stores. I think ebay would be your only option. Just ask for lots of pictures so that you can be sure it's not scratched or damaged.

    If you're unsure, you an always post a link of the auction in the Ebay thread and the gals here will take a look.

    The Lesportsac lines have been faked, but the lux line (signature "LAMB" lines) have not been faked. You should be just fine with ebay.
  6. I am listing my Westfield soon, just fyi (I hope this isn't advertising).

    but I have not seen the Westfield's at any Off 5th's recently...maybe try Phoenix? Or LA? I remember seeing one at one of the locations in the past 6 months, however it may be sold now!!!
  7. Thanks for everyone's input!! Just an update I called the Off 5th in Petaluma and of course they didn't have it BUT he posted a message to all other Off 5th Stores to keep an eye out for one! We will see what he comes up with in a couple days so please keep your fingers crossed for me....