Help anyone?

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  1. I want to buy an oversized bag but I am not sure which one to get. I always carry a swearter, book, pen, agenda, keys, cell, mobile, etc. in my bag, so I like to have lots of space. Any ideas on brands?

    Also, whats the latest with bags? any cute new bags out?

    If anyone has any recommendations I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Speedy 30,
    I'd say a piano as well, I tend to flop my sweater over the bag so it covers the opening.

    I guess it all depends on whether you're looking for a handheld or shoulder bag.
  3. Hi Ale, welcome and may I ask what your budget is?
  4. I am not too worried about the budget. More about being able to stuff all my things in and still have a cute bag!
    Might have to save up for a while but as long as I get a good quality bag that will last, I don't mind.
  5. Balenciaga City! Great size, holds everything and can take a beating!
  6. What do you think of these Hobo International bags?
    Hobo Colbert - $130-95 for the copper (on sale till 21 April)
    Dimensions: 17" wide x 4" deep x 12" high.
    Hobo Colbert - $238-95 (cuoio)
    Hobo Odyssey hobo - $258-95
    Dimensions: 19" wide x 5 1/4" deep x 17 3/4" high.
    Hobo Norina - $238-95
    Dimensions: 17" wide x 3 1/2" deep x 11" high
  7. I highly recommend the LV Epi Passy GM. Especially if you want a "polished" look. It's great b/c there's a center zippered divider so it keeps you organized. It comes in black or red.
  8. Thanks for all your help guys! What about the YSL Muse?
  9. How about a Chanel cerf tote. The quality is excellent and definitely spacious.
  10. I highly recommend YSL Muse. =) Go for it....
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