Help, anyone with metallic Muse

  1. Found a gold medium muse at a consignment store near me. However, the metallic color has rubbed off in several places and the owner wants $675 for it. Is it worth it? And I am wondering if the wear of the metallic paint is repairable at leather shops? Thanx for your help!!
  2. That sounds expensive! Where has the color rubbed off? Very visible areas or around the edges?
  3. That's what I thought,too! The color has rubbed off on the left front, near the edges, but definitely visible. Are all ysl metallic bags proned to the metallic colors rubbed off?
  4. Try calling a YSL dedicated store,I called one recently asking for the name of a bag I had bought,even though I had'nt got if from there the sa was incredibly helpful.If you do call,ask how much it should be full retail price,and have they experienced similar problems with any.If they have indeed had this problem before,ask how much re-furbishment would cost and how long would last(under garantee if you did decide to have it done),and maybe with the cost of that and the bag it will still prove to be a good buy.Plus you would have insight into caring for metallic bags you may not have had before!xx
  5. Thanx, will do.