1. I've been wanting a summit drive in perle for a few months ever since i saw one in action. I don't have any access to an LV store where i live except when i go online or on trips. So, when i saw the bag i just loved it right away since i've been wanting a white bag for quite a long time already and never found one that i really love. So when a friend of ours told us he was going on a trip and his wife asked him to get an LV bag, I didn't hesitate on asking him to get me the SD also! I even called the LV store in Singapore (that's where he went, btw) to check if it's available and i was so happy when the SA said it is!:woohoo:And after 5 long days of waiting, i finally got it last night...i was so excited to see it but when i took it out and attached the straps, I wasn't very happy anymore. I even tried carrying it around but i still didn't feel happy :sad:I don't know why (maybe i wasn't dressed when i tried it. I was already in my pjs getting ready for bed :shrugs:). Or it could be the rounded straps. 'Coz my gucci abby has the same strap and it hurts if i carry it for a long time on my shoulder. Maybe i can try it again later before I go to work.

    Doeas any of you have an SD? Do you have second thoughts about it too? And in case i decide to return it, how will i do it?

    And btw, this is my first LV that i really chose myself. I have a pre-owned epi st. jacques in black which i bought only because it had a great price. My gucci abby in brown was a gift from my husband's recent trip abroad. Now, i'm really confused :confused1: Maybe I should've bought a different style grrr :hysteric: Please help!
  2. i don't own a summit drive, but i saw a gal w/ one over the weekend -- in perle, no less! it's a stunning bag and really caught my eye.

    if you don't love it, don't keep it and get something that you do love, but before you make any decisions i would think about why you fell in "LVoe" w/ it in the first place and maybe that will help. :smile:

    good luck!!!
  3. Hi jennMSU! I took it back and had it changed :smile: loved the look of the summit...just didn't like the straps. it was uncomfortable on my shoulders :sad:

    got a palermo gm and dentelle speedy instead! :yahoo: this time i'm very happy with my choices. Love how the palermo can carry a lot of my stuff and the elegance and uniqueness of my dentelle :love: Making the trip to the store can really make a lot of difference compared to just looking online :wlae: even if i had to take a plane ride just to get there hehehe :p but it was worth it!