Help......anyone With A Hormonal Preteen Girl???

  1. I have an 11 yr old that in the last 6 months..went from an ANGEL something like the girl spittin out in the EXORCIST movie.She got her period around that time and is MISERABLE.Im lost as to how to handle this.She is TOO young to be dealin with the woman issues and I have a feelin she just cant handle the ragin hormones that come with it.To make matters worse.she is in camp all summer and we havent yet been able to get her to use the dreaded tampons.SoI dont know what to do with that as she swims all day..UGH......LOL>>>OMG!
    I have me...she is too young to deal with them..OY.
    So...Mommies of young gals..ANY ADVICE?:crybaby:

    Im goin to call the pediatrican tomorrow too......Her periods are GOD AWFUL too....I dont know if she is too young for the BC pills to help on that end.

  2. I don't have kids but I went through that myself at that age. My mom sent me to the OB early on just to talk. I was too scared to get an exam but he put me on something for cramps, which I think is basically OTC Aleve now. He told me I could take a lot until it helped. I also went to a counselor when I was younger to talk. All those raging hormones can really mess up your moods.
  3. I also don't have kids but I was similar at that age. I was put on BC at the age of 12 as I had horrible cramps and heavy bleeding. I was miserable. It helped a ton with the cramps and general menstral issues and my mom says that it helped with the attitude as well.
  4. Oh man Jill, that's tough. thank God I have boys LOL!
    Wish I could offer some advice but I'm useless.
  5. Jill, I had & still have miserable cramps. I mean its really bad. I started my period around the same age as your daughter. I was put on Naproxen Sodium, which is sold as Aleve now. IMO, I do not think its wise to put your daughter on BC pills. She's too young!!! Get her a nice heating pad and good medicine and she'll be fine.:heart:
  6. One mommy of a female child at your service, Jill.

    Honey, you and your daughter are just going to have to ride this out. It's all PAINFULLY normal. Please for GOD'S sake do NOT put that child on birth control pills at her age. I know it's an easy and quick fix, but the risks far outweigh the "convenience" factor, ask Kallison. It's not unusual for a girl just starting her period to go through all this. The body isn't used to having all these hormones, so the periods will be wacko for a while as will your daughter.

    By the way, you can expect the "demon" stage to last until she is at least 18 or so. Trust me on this one. Hang tight, be supportive, DO NOT TAKE HER MOODS AND NASTINESS PERSONALLY. Tell yourself: it's the hormones talking, not my daughter.

    My daughter is 20 now and finally settled down. It's a wonderful thing to see too. I'm not sure it was worth 8 years of hell, but the results have been quite lovely. I actually LIKE her again. :love:

    Hope that's of some help. I've got tons of other stories and other advice, so feel free to ask here or via PM, Jill. Trust me, I've felt your pain.:push:
  7. ^oh yes, pp. i know the risks. :push: (jill- it took less than 6 months of being on bc for me to have blood clot form in my lung, and it nearly killed me. it was NOT worth it. i'm STILL having problems because of it.)

    let me add that i started my period when i was 9- yes, nine. and i kept it from my mom until i was 12 and my piggy bank ran out of money. i only wish i had a mom like you, jill!

    as for it that she doesn't want to use them, or that they physically hurt? cause i think they made some that are specifically for younger girls and are smaller/slimmer. maybe try a few kinds? because, really, she doesn't have a whole bunch of options if she's at camp and wants to swim!

    as for the mood you remember how you were at her age? lol. heck, i'm 22 and still *****y and i still think my parents hate me. haha.

    hang in there, jill. your daughter will be fine (YOU will be fine).

  8. I can PERSONALLY vouch for that!! :devil:

  9. hehe. i feel the love.

  10. LMAO..Thanks guys.Unfortunatley we have a serious family history of girl probs too..I should have added that.I had to have a hysterectomy by age 30.
    I have her on heating pads and pain meds(Motrin)..etc..but its still really bad..Abnormally that runs in my family...eek!
    I didnt get mine till 14..I cant imagine why these poor kids are gettin it younger and younger,TOTALLY STINKS!

    I appreciate all your advice too..I have tried the smaller tampons with her..she is just too immature and scared at the moment...wish me luck......
  11. Got my period at 11 and was very moody and unhappy...didn't act out though since in my culture there was all this thingy about "getting your period =becoming a woman=behaving in a less childish fashion=not throwing tantrums" I wasn't cut any slack for "my hormones talking" that's for sure!

    I had a friend who was put on bc because of her very heavy periods (she started around the same time as me) and she became very depressed. She had to be taken off bc and put on antidepressants and she had heavy periods until she had her baby.

    I guess the swimming is her choice, right? I hated wearing tampons - hated stuffing it 'up there' and would be sore and chafed. When I had to go in the water when I had my period I'd just talk to a camp counselor and stay out. Since it was a girls' camp it didn't really cause much fuss - dunno how it is with coed camps though.
  12. have any of her friends started their periods yet? can you talk to their moms about what they do?

    if nothing else, midol works wonders. and so do those sticky heating pad thingys for when she can't be at home.

    hang in there, jill!
  13. Oh god Jill i feel your pain. My daughter is 10 and she started not too long ago and my god she is the devil just before she is about to come on. She also cries a lot now about all kinds of things (one of them being about Pete from fall out boy) and this is the part i am finding so hard. Its quite upsetting really. Also, her periods come every 3 weeks or less and i feel so sorry for her. Sometimes she cries and she says she doesnt even know what is wrong. :'(

    I try and baby her as much as i can when she is having mood swings and is feeling moody. I give her some calpol and cuddles and try and make her laugh when she is weepy and generally try and be a bit doting with her when she is on but it really tries my patience though! If she was older I probably wouldnt be so tolerent but she is still so young. And there is no way she would use tampons and I do not want her to go on the pill yet. I think she is too young.

    Feel free to PM me whenever you like to have a rant or if you have found out anything helpful, etc. We are in the same boat! xxx
  14. I was on B.C. at age 14 ...all for my period, which made me have less cramps, and also the convenience of knowing when it would appear. I would look into that to see if it helps. Good luck!!
  15. Oh, and i read somewhere that since the 60's (i think thats when), hormones from the pill in bodily waste has built up in the water and it apparently cant be completely removed when they treat the water for drinking which has resulted in kids developing early in this day and age and men getting man boobs. I cant remember where i read this. I will find out. I dont know if its completely true either!