Help! Anyone uses lv key pouch as a bag charm?


Oct 30, 2019
I recently bought a lv key pouch (mono) and am debating whether I should just return it since I already have a 6key holder and gucci key pouch!
However, I am going to purchase neo noe (caramel) soon and thinking if i could use it as a dangling key charm on that bag!
Anyone who has both items will you give me your honest thoughts?


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Feb 9, 2010
United Kingdom
Yes, sometimes I use my key pouches as charms. I love the key pouch from LV, I have several in different canvases and leathers.

I would keep it, it's a staple and a classic piece, and actually quite versatile. I use my 6-key holder for my house keys, and my key pouch for my car key, so those two items are some of my most used LVs.
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Oct 28, 2020
I would keep it because they have been hard to get lately and if you change your mind it could be hard to find. Also if for some reason they are discontinued they would be pretty valuable as they are a good starter piece. I just have my car keys in mine so it’s a little ridiculous to have something that pricey for keys but I like having matching stuff!
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Aug 15, 2009
I hung it on the outside of my Petite Noe and put a mini bottle of hand sanitizer in it, so I don’t have to reach into my bag. I usually don’t like the cles as a bag charm though.
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