HELP! Anyone seen one of these 2 bags a Macy's or an Outlet??

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  1. I think that it was $83.30. The one at Macy's was around $89. The swingpack at the outlet was on the extra 20% off shelf, but rang up 30% off.

    I almost did not buy it because with the extra 20%, it still would have been slightly more than at Macy's. I ended up buying it because I did not want to kick myself if I waited to buy it at Macy's and it was gone. I'm glad I did because it ended up being cheaper. Now all I have to find is the wristlet.
  2. Hi,

    I saw both of the swingpacks tonight at my local Dillard's. I am not sure if they ship, but the Dillard's is in Henderson, Nevada at the Galleria at Sunset. The number is (702) 450-2500. I believe the price was $96? I think the sign said 25% off? Sorry, not sure!

    Good luck!!

  3. Thanks so much!!! I wanted to make it to Macy's and Dillards both yesterday but didn't get to due to forgetting that I was yet to finish a paper and take a midterm this week - UGH! I am hoping to finish both today so that tomorrow the kids and I will hit up the mall and hit them both!! LOL Luckily I am watching a couple on eBay in the meantime :smile: Thanks a bunch!!! :smile:

  4. I was in Macy's today (Manchester, CT). The brown/bronze swingpack is still there. They also had the wristlet, both 30% off. Their # is 860-648-2382.
  5. Thanks so much Aqua! I am going to call them today! I already got the black/gunmetal one from the tips from the other ladies earlier from the Dillards in Henderson, NV LOL! Do you know if they charge/ship or I can purchase straight from them over the phone? I was able to purchase the black one at that Dillards right over the phone. If I can get this one I will be totally SET!!! :yahoo:Then it will be onto the next hunt! Thank you all SO SO SO much!
  6. Just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for letting me know about this - I got the black one on its way from there!! Thanks so so much!