HELP! Anyone seen one of these 2 bags a Macy's or an Outlet??

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  1. So you ladies came to my aid in determining that I needed a swingpack for our fall trip to Disney and I've been on the hunt ever since! LOL So I was strolling around Macy's today and ran across some stuff on sale there and came out with 2 mini skinnys for $26 EACH! YIPPEE!! They are both the sig stripe one is black/gunmetal and the other is brown/bronze and I LOVE them! So now I am looking to get one (if not both hehehe) swingpack/s to match. The SA that helped me at Macy's said they just had them and had clearanced them out :sad: So I am wondering if anyone had seen one at their Macy's. Don't they charge ship? I know they do it for other merchandise in the store but didn't know if they did it for Coach items. If anyone has seen this please let me know so maybe I could hunt it down :smile: Thanks ladies!!
  2. Nope, there haven't been the old Sig Stripe stuff at my Macy's for a LONG time now... sorry!

    Haven't been to an outlet in a while, so hopefully someone has spotted one out there!
  3. Thanks though! I will be combing eBay I suppose! LOL I do have a question though - the mini skinnys that I got have legacy lining and I have seen a couple of these swingpacks to match on eBay and some had the legacy and some had the regular twill. Any ideas about that? Surely those aren't fakes?!?!
  4. It could have been the time when the swingpacks were released. I have a Sig Stripe tote that doesn't have Legacy lining, while some do.

    If you have any questions about authenticity, feel free to post the auction link in the stickied thread Authenticate This Coach! or send me a PM and I or someone else will check it out for ya! :yes:
  5. I just bought the black/gunmetal swingpack at my outlet last week. It was the only on in that color, but they did have some in the brown/bronze. We have a few Macy's near us, and last week I saw a brown/bronze at one and a black/gunmetal at the other.

    Great price on the skinny. I paid ~$32 at the outlet.
  6. I forgot to add that the swingpack does not have legacy lining. The skinny does, but the swingpack and tote do not. I have a slight obsession with the black/gunmetal sig. stripe stuff lately.
  7. TwinMom, the last time I was at Macy's at Fayette Mall they had the Black/Gunmetal swingpack...they must have sold it! I saw those mini-skinnys in the sale case, but I already had the black/gunmetal one.

    I am going to Coach outlet in Alabama this week, PM me your phone number and I will call you if they have the swingpack.
  8. You're exactly right! :sad: The SA told me they had *just* sold them recently! UGH! That's me - day late and a dollar short! LOL Every time I am the Fayette Mall Macy's they almost ALWAYS had at least one if not 2-3 swingpacks on the clearance table and the ONE time I go in there specifically for one they don't have one! LOL They did however have 3 more mini skinnys and LOTS of wristlets and wallets at good deals if you needed them! I'll PM you with my # here in a sec :smile: Thanks so much!

  9. Thanks sooooo much for letting me know! I had been combing eBay and saw they all had solid linings and was worried about it! You are right though - I am loving that black/gunmetal but I like that brown/bronze too - I just can't decide which I like best! LOL If I may ask - how much were the swings at the outlet? The SA at Macy's thought they were selling there for $103 - can't believe I missed out on that one! UGH!

  10. I think my Boston Store (Bon-Ton/Bergner's/Carson Piere Scott/Elder-Beerman/Horbergers (?)/Younkers) in Madison, WI (west side store) still has some of this line and I believe it is on clearance. I don't know if that chain will charge/send but if they do the woman who works at the Coach counter is lovely so I'm sure she'd help.
  11. They had 1 or 2 brown/bronze swingpacks at the Macy's here in Concord, CA, no black/gunmetal tho
  12. You didn't happen to see if they were marked down did you? I have seen a few of the brown/bronze ones on eBay right now (still only around 4 of them) so I have a feeling that the black/gunmetal will be harder to find and I hate to say this but I really think I want both! LOL I might run over to my Macy's today and beforehand I will find the number to your Concord Macy's and call them up and ask them about it and see if they'd do that for me - worth a try I say! Thanks SO much for letting me know!!! :smile:
  13. Thanks so much for letting me know! I live in Lexington, KY and the closest Elder Beerman is in Frankfort around a half hour a way or so but my SIL lives close to there so I may ask her to give them a call and see if that do that! Thanks so much! :smile:
  14. They were marked down, I don't remember the price but they were in the the 30-40% off section of coach! Here's their number: 925-689-3333 Good luck! Hope you can nab 'em!
  15. Oh WOW! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Going to give them a call!