HELP! Anyone seen a White MC, Cabas style?

  1. I was watching the movie "Broken Flowers". A scene had Sharon Stone with a White MC tote style. It was the style of the Mono Cabas Mezo. No outside pockets like the MC Aurelia.
    I've falllen in love with it and yet I don't know if it even exists anywhere!! OMG..could it have been a fake?..I really want that bag.
    :crybaby: :crybaby: please.
  2. I haven't seen the movie..the only big tote from MC are Aurelia black and white..

    I've seen some ladies with fake MC mezzo..
  3. Yah, other than the Auerlia MM and GM there aren't any other tote styles.
  4. ^In MC.
  5. I have not seen this movie and cannot think of any white MC that have been produced... :s
  6. If it was supposed to look like the Mezzo or the Piano then it was definitely fake. The only real ones are like Michelle said and they have outside pockets.
  7. I have the aureilla mm in mc black and it is my fav LV bag that I own...stunning...would love it in white day
  8. I have been looking at that bag. Thanks for your opinion.
  9. I only saw the White MC Aurelia twice IRL... It's stunning! Other than that, I haven't seen any other MC totes.
  10. oh Sharon and fake bag......nahhhhh :smile:
  11. Haven´t seen that movie yet sorry. I would love to see it though. I would be surprised if she wore a fake bag though, even in a movie.
  12. Is this the scene? I can't find any clear pics of the darn bag.

  13. AH-HAA!!!! I rock. LOL

  14. bump

  15. Oh my lawrd..that's FAKE rock!!!