"Help!! Anyone know where can I that bag from??"

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  1. I need help here girls. I have been searching for that bag for two months. A week ago. I finally know that it's name Westminster. I am here to ask for help. I think most of them has been sold already. But I saw someone posting n saying that it is possible for preorder it. So here is my question. Is there anyone recently purchase that bag ?? Or is there anyone recently preorder that bag?? I was deeply into that flap. N hopefully I can get it, and it will be my bday gift. Thank you so much if there is any information provided.:graucho:
  2. I preordered mine about two months ago from Hirsh, it had been sold out a couple of days thereafter. Try to email the SAs' in the recommended SA sticky, who knows some of em might have the bag. Or call the Chanel hotline (800) 550-0005 and inquire. GL!
  3. Thank you for your help. But I m no longer living in NY. I am living in LA. Does it really work for calling them and ask for it? Is it easier to ask some SA who work in LV as there are many Chanel boutique there ?