Help! Anyone know this patent?

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  1. Anyone know this patent in stock NM/ Nordstrom or Saks?

    I really want to get one.

    Please advise, thanks a lot!!

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  2. It's a double compartment reissue.

    No one know where I can find it ??

  3. It is BLUE patent accordian (reissue) flap, I believe. You might be able to find it in Bloomingdales or perhaps in other department stores such as NM or Saks. Try to give them a call, and find a sales to look up for you!! GL
  4. I only saw it in black for now.
  5. NM & SAKS didn't order this one. You can only find this one in Chanel boutique, I believe.
  6. I think this is only in the boutiques.
  7. I saw this at the Chanel boutique Houston.