help anyone know a good sa at BG?

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  1. I called 2 times and 2 different women hung up on me, I asked if they had a bag and they said no and hung up!:wtf:. They were sooo rude, I want to take advantage of this promotion , but I guess I cant because no one wants to take a phone order, lol. Anyone have a good sa to call? Thanks!
  2. Lol~ I could so relate to your experience with BG ladies. They are not exactly the friendliest SAs. Plus, Chanel there really isn't well stocked and I'm guessing lots of people are calling now that they have a promotion coming.

    Most tPFers praise Joseph there, BTW. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks, yes they didnt even wait to see if I heard them , they just hung up, I guess I will try Joesph, I guess they have no stock right now and could care less about my buisness cause they are so busy.
  4. you could try Phyllis. She's a Goyard specialist but she can get anything you want in the store. I've used her for my Goyard purchases and she's very nice and helpful.
  5. Try Brittany! Shes nice and helpful.
  6. Or you can use Janet. She's very nice as well. I disagree about Phyllis, she is a bit of a snot.
  7. Maybe try asking for Saskia 212.872.8723? She already sent me a bunch of pictures and replied to my many emails just today. Very helpful lady :tup:
  8. ^ I agree! Saskia is great!!! She does email or phone and will always send pictures.:yes:
  9. Can someone kindly PM me with the email addy of Saskia? You know it's midnight now and I just can't wait to get the info and shoot the email with my inquires since tomorrow is the last day of the event! :sweatdrop: