Help! Anyone have the Alfred Bowler?

Nov 28, 2006
I'm attaching 2 pics of my purses that need repair. I need to take it to the store where I purchased them, so I don't hold the wrong store accountable for repair. I cannot remember if it was Neiman Marcus, Saks or Nordstrom, and I threw out the receipt as usual.

Do any of you have either one of the bags, and do you remember which of the 3 stores sold them?

Thanks!! :heart:


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Mar 1, 2006
^ Most stores carried Alfred & Polina, I have seen them at NM, Saks, Nordies, Barney's, etc.

Do you still have the original tags? Some stores place their own sticker (with bar code) on the tag -- allows the transaction to be pulled up; the bar code acts like a receipt. SAs can lookup your transaction with your credit card information too. Without these forms of proof-of-purchase, some stores might not be willing to help you; if you are a frequent client of a SA, he/she will remember that you got the item from the store.

Good luck. =)


Jun 7, 2006
I don't know exactly which stores carried which color of the Polina, but I saw the Nutmeg Polina at NM this past weekend...

You should try to access your credit card history online, I know some companies go back as far as a year.