HELP!! Anyone have emergency cleaning tips??

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  1. Sob!!:sweatdrop:

    I took my beloved greige box to a club this weekend, and when I awoke from my drunken stupor the next day, I discovered some unidentified blue substance on the top near one of the handles! I have three ideas of what it could be- 1) dye transfer from the new jeans I was wearing; 2) ink from a hand stamp; or 3) blue crayon (don't ask me how I wound up with a handful of crayons...:smile:

    Does anyone have any ideas for removing any of these things from leather?? If I must, I will get it professionally cleaned, but I thought I'd run it by you guys first... Luckily the stain isn't too big, but it still breaks my heart...:sad: THANK YOU!!!
  2. OMG! i'm sorry but i have no idea to help you :sad:
    can u post pic of the stain so girls here can help u more?
  3. I purchased a Natural day this weekend and carried it the next day. I was wearing dark denim and the blue rubbed on my handbag.

    I was traveling and desperate so I used a baby wipe and my organic soap to clean it off. It looks perfect.
  4. I just had a problem wth jeans dye transfer to my white Kooba bag and use a leather conditioner that worked perfectly! It took off all blue-wish color. I dont remember the brand but it was common leather conditioner I got from grocery store to take care on my leather furniture. Again, worked like a charm.
  5. Wow, thanks you guys, I'll try the baby wipe and leather conditioner ideas. I have some leather conditioner at home and started to try it, but it looked like the leather was darkening so I stopped. Maybe it will dry better.

    I did use one trick from my old retail days- there was a little blue dye on the rope part of the handle, so I sprayed some Resolve carpet cleaner on a toothbrush and scrubbed it off- that worked great! (FYI- the Resolve & toothbrush trick works on most fabrics for makeup stains!)
  6. i've used baby wipes many times on my bags and they usually work great.
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