help.. Anyone has this bag??

  1. I saw this from the reference library thread..
    Just wondering if anyone has this bag?? What do you think of this bag??

    Could anyone who owns this bag post pics for more details please?

    TIA!!! :heart:

    borrowed from the Chanel's reference library thread:
  2. can you attach the picture instead of pasting it?
    I can't see it.
  3. Here you go, Swanky:

  4. thanks, it loaded this time for some reason{?}
    do a search for "pony" only in Chanel and you'll find some recent info about this bag.
  5. Thanks Swanky.. I've tried the search tool, but not found a more detailed pics.. I'm pretty sure that this bag is from autumn/winter 2006. Anyone has seen or own this bag??
    TIA :love: