Help? Anyone from Canada order a sale item from ActiveEndeavors?

  1. I just realized that UPS charges brokerage fees for packages coming into Canada :crybaby:I bought a top that was only $40 but on the UPS website it states it will charge me $20 for brokerage?

    Anyone in Canada had this experience with AE/UPS?

  2. snowbrdgrl, you don't need to worry about it. The Canadian Customs only charge duty on items that's over $60. In your case, as long as they put the value of the item on the box, you won't be charged a penny.
  3. I thought they charge duty on any item that's over $20 and any item over $60 if it's a gift?
  4. Brokerage and duties are totally different fees.

    Duties are implemented by Customs Canada and are charged at various rates depending upon country of origin and materials made out of (please correct me if I am incorrect here - I'm pretty sure though).

    Brokerage fees are charged by UPS for loaning you the money to get your parcel through customs (so they pay the duties, taxes and handling fee for you - temporally). So, UPS may loan you $20 to get your parcel through customs, and charge you $20 dollars for the loan (again please correct me if I'm incorrect, but I am pretty darn sure).

    I think you will by-pass the brokerage fees for a $40 item... but you may still get stuck with duties, taxes and the $5 Canada Post handling fee. I am unaware of the finer details, but if we all think positive thoughts.... perhaps you'll get off scott-free!! *crossing fingers!*
  5. Next time you order, let them know (I think you may have to e-mail them afterwards or phone them) to use USPS. I e-mailed once and the guy replied back that I can request USPS instead of UPS.
  6. I second this. I've been thinking of placing an order so I emailed them and asked if they could use USPS and they said they could. Have they shipped your order yet? Maybe you could get them to change the shipping? I have had horrible experiences with UPS (they charged me $60 just in brokerage fees NOT incl. duty and tax when I bought my bag from HH. Due to complaints, HH now ships with USPS. Yay!) but I hope that you are lucky because the value of your shipment isn't that high. Let us know how it turns out! (crosses fingers:smile:)
  7. I ordered a medium chocolate Bianca from AC on the weekend and was nervous about the custom/brokerage fees too. When I had ordered from HH the first time, UPS charged me an extra $100! :hysteric:

    But this must be my lucky week! I had used the discount code even though my bag was on sale and AE let it go through. Plus they don't charge for shipping to Canada which as you know is really rare. AND there were no custom or brokerage fees! NONE! No one was home and UPS just left the box on my front step (which is a little scary since anyone could have taken it) but there was no bill or a mention anywhere of me owing them or customs anything. I have no idea why but who am I to question UPS? :angel:
    The Bianca is gorgeous btw, even nicer than I thought it would be.

    My first time dealing with AE has been a great experience! Though I got lucky this time, I probably would ask them to ship USPS next time though.
  8. i've ordered from them before a few times and had to pay ups brokerage fees...which varied by the cost of the purchases. wish i'd known usps was an option. oh well.
  9. Thank you all so much for your positive thoughts and sharing your experiences! Boy, do I hope I get lucky and get the package just left at my door with no bill :girlsigh:

    I'll keep everyone posted. IN the meantime, I will definitely ask for USPS next time!!!
  10. Hi there, even if they leave it at your door, they will send you a bill for the brokerage fees in the mail afterwards. This happened to me last time. Thought I got away with it but no such luck. I didn't know they had the USPS option either - thanks for the tip!
  11. UPS is brutal. I never buy anything that ships with them. Good luck!
  12. I called UPS hoping to re-route my package to my friend's US address... too late though :sad: On the UPS website tracking info, it looks like the paperwork for customs was already underway...:push:
  13. I should have known that it was too good to be true. :sad:
  14. Update: I just called UPS and I have to pay $23 charge!!!! So pissed :crybaby:

    I HATE UPS!!!! At least I know for next time... chalk it up to lesson learned I guess! BOOHOO!!!
  15. I've been wanting to order some items from AE but the fact that they use UPS has kept me from doing so.
    It's great to know that I have the option of requesting USPS.