Help!Any TAX or extra charge for sending Purse to US?

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  1. Hey girls,
    Thanks for viewing.
    Im going to Paris next month.You know Paris is a place for buying purse without waiting! ;) Me and my husband thinking of buying a gift(CHLOE purse or maybe Fendi Spy) for my niece(she keep talking how hard to get it in US). She is a student and living in US. This is sort of suprise for her. The problem is, when I ship the purse to her, do you think she has to pay extra money like tax or something when the purse arrived? Any extra charge in US when you send a luxury stuff?
  2. Sorry ika2005 but I can't help you there. I don't know stuff like that :shame:
  3. i don't know how you plan to send the bag but you could ask to the society with whom you decide to send it (dhl or something like that)
  4. Hi, thanks;
    I actually plan to send it by DHL. I just wanna know if theres an extra charge when she get the bag(maybe custom charge, or tax, or, etc)
  5. There's a certain limit to how expensive a gift can be, I believe that limit is 100$. After 100$, even if you declare it as a gift, the receiver will be charged tax. That is, if you declare the full value of the item on the package. If you don't however, and the package gets lost, you are only able to claim the declared amount.
  6. Yup, I sent my mom some expensive facial creams that cost $400 and declared it and insured it so it would get there. They didn't get it for a month cause they never got the notice slip that they were holding it in the main PO for them cause they have to pay duty/tax but they messed up cause my parents were never informed so they waived it. If you declare it $100 or less though and the package got lost (like what ayla said).....:worried:
  7. Unfortunately, the answer is YES ... the 'recipient' of the bag will most likely be assessed Customs duties, regardless of the carrier (DHL) that is used.

    Ever since 9/11, Customs has become very strict on parcels sent from overseas (especially large & heavy ones - Chloe bag = heavy!).

    That being said, while you will get the VAT (Value-added tax), Customs will require the appropriate documents with the parcel. If these documents (e.g., what it is, weight, COST, etc.) are not in order, Customs WILL NOT RELEASE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has happened to me too many times when I've ordered stuff from overseas.

    So, here's what I do ... I CARRY the item myself. Yup ... it's actually easier. Just declare the item when coming back into the states. Customs may ask to look at it, but generally speaking, they will probably just assess the duty and you will be done with it. If you attempt to "sneak" it in, and you get caught, you will find yourself in a heap of trouble (believe me, it's not worth it ... I know someone who did this, and she is FOREVER on their "list" now!).

    Quite honestly, having brought in many Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Hermes bags from overseas, I find this to be the easiest. Also, interestingly enough, the Customs folks keep records on you ... as such, they know that I typically purchase a few handbags. When I come into Customs, many times they let me go without paying any duty (because they've said that they appreciate my honesty!!!). Honesty is the best policy - ALWAYS!

    Good luck!
  8. Thanks everyone
    Wow,,,sound not so easy. Do you guys know how much exactly is the custom TAX there?
    I maybe have to think about it again..I just dont want her end up paying lots of money for TAX STUFF.
  9. You should take a look at this website - You can peruse through this and find the information you need re: how much you should expect to be assessed.
  10. thanks Ceejay
  11. So if I buy a bag from a UK seller on ebay and she's shipping it to the state, will I get charge for custom duties too?
  12. Hey Irissy,
    I dont know about that. That is my question too..
    How much is the custom duties for luxury bag anyway in US?