Help! Any Suggestions for a Work Tote?

  1. My daughter is looking for a professional looking work tote that can fit at least a 8"x11" binder and a text book. (She works full-time during the day and attends part-time school at night.) The price range can be anywhere between $200 and $800. I thought the size (14.5"x9"x5) and style (can be carried on shoulder) of a Louis Vuitton Horizontal Batignolles would be good, but the price is a little high for something that is not leather (I am not a fan of LV monogram canvas, but will consider). We looked at a few Coach totes, but we have not found one with acceptable style and quality. Since the ladies and gentlemen here are experts in handbags, we are turning to this forum for advice and ideas.

    Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. I personally like some of the structured Furlas for work bags but they are similar to the Coaches and are good quality bags. Here's a pic of one I'm considering for $725.00 but it may be a little corporate for school use. Furlas are also on eBay a lot and have bad resale values on eBay(not well known in the US) so it may be a good place to check out to save money. They have another one that is a similar style with a longer handle and 3 inside compartments for around $400 at Nordstrom.

    This Prada tote keeps coming up on sale at NM for $455.00

    I also like the Tumi work bags. They are stong nylon bags and typically have a detachable shoulder strap and a lot of colors.
    I really like this bag but the pic won't paste in:

    A fourth idea is a Botkier sasha bag. They retail at $600. There is a code in the deals forum for 20% off directly from Botkier's website. It is a convertable satchel/shoulder bag.
  3. Hi, Lunaboston has helpfully categorised the bags on its site under categories like "Work Bags" and here's the selection available:

    What do you think of the style of Aleya NY's bag? The Lesa for instance?

    $475 - 20% off with code "grechen"

    The Shoshanna satchel

    $465 - 20% off with code "grechen"


    Or how about Kazuyo Nakano?

    Theodora TH 562

    13" x 9 1/2" x 7"
  4. I agree with the poster that suggested Furla for a work bag. They are good bags. I have a few of them.

    The prada tote is nice too.
  5. Don't know how many books these could carry (or how they compare to the bag you mentioned), but these are all fashionable large bags:
    Also coveting:Let us know what you decide.
  6. Hi! I carry a classic Burberry, Prada nylon and my old time favourite is Longchamp nylon (pic) because it can withstand the weather and it's so casual and yet very professional-discret-look. It looks good in any outfit! I've always opt for classic. Plus it fits my folders, notes, umbrella, water-bottle, make-up bag, etc She can run from work to classes :idea: Plus it's only US$108. You can even have it personalise.

    Good luck with the bag search
    le pilage.jpg
  7. longchamp do great ones. and i know you said you arent a fan of the LV monogram canves but they have a great new tote called the neverfull comming out next month. it starts at $600 for the PM size. theres loads of threads about it in the LV forum.
  8. Thanks ladies for all your wonderful suggestions. My daughter and I both picked out the Prada tote because it is the most elegant looking. Unfortunately, we couldn't find it at the NM website. If anyone knows where we can purchase this bag, please let us know?
  9. Update - I found the perfect work tote for my daughter. It is a 2007 Prada canvas/leather tote. She loves it very, much much. I took a picture of her carrying it after work and today just before she headed out to see her future finance. (She does not know yet, but he asked my hubby and me for our blessing to marry her last night during a secret dinner date w/o her.)

    Thank you so much for help and advice from all of you.
    th_PradaTote1.jpg th_PradaTote2.jpg
  10. You have a fabulous taste I hope you don't mind if I add you to my buddy list!!!

  11. Hey :biggrin:
    Yeah so, finding a work tote isn't the easiest thing :sad:
    Personally I would go for the
    Juicy Couture 'Spa' Flap Tote...

    It is quite small but it possibly could fit a ring binder in it I would think, once you have seen it you will fall in love with it!
    (I did anyway :L)

    Or if you would wish for a more pricey bag, a L.A.M.B signature tote, prices range quite high, but it is classy.

    Hobo International 'Norina' Work Tote... LOVE IT!!!
    It comes in three colours, (Black, Rouge and Sienna) Very nice bag though very classy for work.
    Prices are about $235.00
    Not bad a price either...:graucho:

    Hope this was help for you...
  12. Perfect choice on the bag!!! And congrats on your daughter's pending engagement. It's so nice that he asked you guys before proposing.