Help-any SAKS free shipping code?

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  1. Does anyone have a free shipping code with no minimum requirement? I have a legging in my cart for $65. Any help will be appreciated.
  2. Darn I am looking for one too! Can't seem to find anywhere :confused1:
  3. i call but they said right now there isnt any b'c of the promotion they are doing. once the promotion is over, you can find one easily.
  4. I signed up their email updates last week which offers 10% off on next order. But I never got their email for that code and I did place an order anyway without any free shipping and coupon codes, as I think I can call them to credit me the 10% discount I've missed, according to my past experience. I called and the the lady told me she could not do it because the code is randomly assigned by the computer system. I feel a lilittle unfair since policies and rules are made by human beings. How come you completely replying on computer and using it as a sound excuse to your loyal customers?!!! I think Nordstrom will be on the top of my favoriate store list from now on.
  5. Try FASHION when you check out.
  6. i must say (from my recent experience) Nordstrom is hard to beat when it comes to its customer care. :tup:
  7. Are you a SaksFirst member? If so, you'll get free shipping for any price purchase.

  8. ITA!!! Most of the time, they have FREE SHIPPING also, if not.. their shipping fee is only $5 - no matter how much/how many items you buy.:tup::tup::tup:
  9. If your purchase includes any beauty items you can use MAKEUPJTRKFS for free shipping (exp. April 20th)
  10. Try SPRINGF$ for orders over $150
  11. they have a free shipping code on their website now.
  12. if your purchase includes any beauty items, you can use MAKEUPJTRKFS for free shipping
  13. Wow! Thanks for hsaring so many great codes! I am gonna use one on skincare. Thank you.
  14. I'm trying to use that code to buy beauty items and they said it's already been used!